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tail handers......

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Q: What is it called in cricket the end of the batting order using the weakest batsman?
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What is the term for lst Batsman in cricket called?

The common term for the 1st batsman is "opening batman"

What is the first person to bat in cricket called?

You give the name of a first batsman the title 'OPENER' as this person opens the batting.

What is the last batsman called in cricket?

last batsman in cricket are known as teilenders.

What is an opener in cricket?

In cricket while a side is batting, two of the batsman of the side open the innings. In a sense, these are the first two batsman who start the proceedings. Each of these two is called an opener.

What in a cricket means a batsman is out without scoring?

if a batsman is out without scoring, then it is called a DUCK.... and if he is out on the 1st ball that he faced then it is called as a GOLDEN DUCK..

What is a duck in cricket?

A duck in cricket is when a batsman goes into bat, scores no runs, and is then out again. A golden duck is when a batsman is out on their first ball, and a diamond duck is when an opening batsman is out on the first ball of the match.

What is an extra cricket run called?

it depends.if ... the bowler bowls it and the batsman misses the ball and the keeper also misses it and the batsman make a run then they (the runs) are called byes.

Why offside in cricket is called so?

there is no such thing as offside in cricket - the only thing that resembles this is if over 2 fielders are behind the batsman on the leg side - this is a no ball.

What does sundries mean in cricket?

Sundries (also called extras) are runs scored in cricket that have not come off the batsman's bat. Sundries are added to the teams score, but not the individual batsman. Examples of sundries are: Byes, leg byes, no balls, wides and penalty runs.

What is a sixer in cricket?

a sixer is when the batsman hits a shot without touching the boundary.

What do stump means in cricket?

They are called semi tries they are made of wood. correct that is

Who invented the scoop shot in cricket?

The Scoop was invented by Sri Lankan opening-batsman Tillakaratne Dilshan. Its also called the 'Dilli-Scoop'