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A double dirbbile

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Q: What is it call when you bounce the ball with two hands in basketball?
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If two player from the opposite team tie up the basketball how many hands need to be on the ball for it to be call a jump ball?


In basketball if you and the opposing team have the ball what is the call?

Jump ball

Can you call a time out in basketball if your team does not have the ball?

No you've gotta have the ball

Can you call time out in basketball when the ball is loose?


How you call Pushing the ball to hit the floor to get it to another team member is?

a bounce pass

What do you call it when you take the ball from someone else in basketball?


Can you strip the ball in basketball?

NO... you would have to steal it ... stripping the ball like in football would Intel that you wrestling for the ball in basketball they will call it a foul or a jump ball if you try to strip it ...

What is an engaging name for basketball?

Ball 'n a basket! Some people call basketball "hoops".

Can a offense player kick the basketball?

no they will call a kick ball violation

What call is made if a basketball player dribbles with two hands?

Double Dribble.

Can you call a timeout at youth basketball game on defense?

yes. but only on a dead ball. You can't call a defensive time out when the ball is in play.

What is a billiards bounce?

There is no such thing as a billiards bounce. A person that does not know the proper terms might call a jump shot, a scoop shot, or a carom a "bounce" but this in incorrect. The term bounce is not a billiards term, but there are "tricks" where the word bounce can be used - one such is when racking, placing all the balls except the 8 ball in the rack, and then dropping the 8 ball on the rail to make it "bounce" into the center of the rack.

What did they call basketball in 1891?

James Naismith called his invention "Basket Ball".

In basketball What do you call the foul when a person moves without dribbling the ball?


Can bench call a time out in basketball?

Yes the bench can call time out as long as their team is in possession of the ball

What is it called when the ball bounces off the rim of backboard when the shot is missed?

A shot off the rim. what is it call when u bounce the ball in the rim and u miss it?

What rhymes with once and for all?

pounce on a ball mouse in a wall bounce of a ball bouncing a ball answer the call ants on a wall sounds of a squall hounds in a mall bounds o'er the wall..............

What do you do to dribble a ball in basketball?

Because, the refs will call traveling on you.( that's not dribbling the ball or taking more than 3 steps. ;)

When can you call a time out in basketball?

A coach can only call time out when his team has the ball, he cannot call it once the other team has it. A player can also call time out.

It is a 6th grade Illinois basketball game and the offensive player has a break away and before he gets to the basket the defensive player reaches out from behind so what is the call?

It would depend on if he got the ball or if he got the arm, hands part of the ball so if he/she hits the ball handlers hand, then it is not a foul.

What are the differences between football and basketball?

one has a hoops .the other has touchdowns or in other country a goalIn Europe, "football" is what Americans call "soccer". European football is played on a large grass field and you move the ball by kicking it. You score by kicking the ball through a vertical goal that is guarded by a goalie. Basketball is played on a wooden court and you must bounce the ball while moving it. You score by throwing the ball into a small round goal that is suspended horizonally above the floor in front of a backboard.It 's a different shape, basketball s a sphere and a football is a a thinner sphere

In basketball what is the rule when 2 players wrestle for a ball?

The referee would usually call a jump ball. If one of the players was too aggressive, he/she may also call a foul on that player.

Why do they call it football if you use your hands?

People use their feet to run with the ball, and to kick it, and to punt it.

What is the name of the kicking violation in basketball?

If a player illegally kicks a ball the referee will call out "kick". that simple.

What do they call basketball in Mexico?

They call it basketball as well.