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Scuba diving

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Q: What is it cald when you scuba dive in a underwater cave?
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How do you get to the underwater cave?

Use Dive.

Is marine cave underwater?

marine cave is found when you dive then you dive and look for a cave, it starts out as a a normal cave then turns into a misty one

What legal requirements do you need to scuba dive?

There are no legal requirements to scuba dive. In other words, anyone can scuba dive without breaking a law (assuming you are not doing an illegal underwater activity such as illegal fishing). However, if you are not certified, you will not be able to rent or buy equipment or get someone to fill your scuba cylinder.

What is discover scuba diving?

Discover scuba is an introductory scuba experience..... Designed to let someone acquaint themselves with the feel of breathing underwater.... Wearing dive equipment...etc. The dive may be used toward the open water cert.

Can a hamster scuba-dive?

No, they can't scuba-dive.

Underwater cave in Ruby?

go to route 127. use dive. it will be there.

What do you do before going to the cave of kyogre?

You have to dive underwater and find a submarine.

How do you find the hydra in poptropica?

you dive down underwater and you go into a cave

How do you get in to soot city in Pokemon emerald?

You must get a Pokemon with dive and nearby the location, you dive underwater and find a cave underwater. Go into it and resurface and u should be in sootopolis

How do you learn to scuba dive?

To learn to scuba dive you need to go a scuba diving course.

How old do you need to be to scuba dive?

you need to be 10 to scuba dive.

How deep can a child scuba dive?

children should not scuba dive.

How do you get inside the cave of orgin?

You must dive south of sootopolis city. Then find an underwater cave and dive to get back to the surface. You will know your in the right place it you see a submarine.

Emerald What do you to do in the underwater cave?

In the underwater cave, use dive (B button) to come to the surface. You end up in Sootoplits City. Hope this was helpful ;)

Where is the entrance for sootopolis city?

the entrance is underwater you have to complete the phsychic gym to learn dive and dive near sootpolis island then you will find a path that leads to a sort of underwater cave and then click dive again to go up

How Sootoplis City in Pokemon Ruby red?

Don't you mean "How to get to Sootoplis City in Pokemon Ruby?" Oh it's simple, get dive and dive underwater near Mosdeep City and find the path, then keep going down until you find a cave, go in the underwater cave and then dive again and there you are!

What is a scuba diver?

Scuba Diver. n.One who uses scuba gear in underwater swimmingIn other words, they're people who dive underwater in wetsuits usually with oxygen tanks on their backs so that they can breathe, and goggles on so that they can see stuff underwater.

What to do after getting your seventh badge on sapphire?

dive underwater and go into this cave then battle Archie

What are the names of some of the sports magazines that feature scuba diving?

There are several sports magazines which specifically feature scuba diving, these are Scuba Diving, Diver, Sport Diver, Dive Girl, Explore Underwater and Seaduction.

How can you open the island cave in Pokemon sapphire?

You need to know the move dive and get something from underwater

Where is the underground cavern in Mythology Island?

swim of shore and there it will say dive thats the underwater cave

Who was the first person to scuba dive?

The History of Scuba diving goes back through the centuries People have been diving underwater throughout the ages, probably for as long as people have been swimming….. It may not have been Scuba but it is the beginnings of the quest throughout the history of scuba diving to be able to dive underwater and be able to breath underwater. There are records, in some cases little more than myth, of the methods used and what was done while diving. Read more at this site:

What can a scuba diver purchase from the Air Hog online shop?

A scuba diver can purchase many things for scuba diving at the Air Hog online shop. They can purchase dive knives, dive lights, dive computers, and dive bags which will help them in scuba diving.

How do you get past the eel in Nancy drew creature of kapu cave?

You need to open the special door in the cave( by the lava) with Nancy so that Frank can scuba dive.

How did scuba get in your knowledge?

The best and most common way to learn about SCUBA (self contained underwater breathing apparatus) is through your local PADI dive shop - PADI is the largest and most respected dive training organization in the world, and their training is uniform worldwide.