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Q: What is it about the narrator in ''the pool''?
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What did the narrator cover with her net in the pool in Hilda Doolittle's poem The Pool?

The narrator is unsure what it is.

Which of the following is true of The Pool?

The narrator is unsure what she has caught.The narrator is unsure about what it is.The narrator is unsure what she has caught

What do the narrator and Gatsby's employees discover in his pool and backyard?

They discover Gatsby dead, floating in the pool. He died of a gunshot wound from George Wilson.

What is the difference between i too sing America and you hear America singing?

The narrator has caught something- the pool The narrator is a survivor - Life is Fine The narrator is an old man - Gerontion The narrator expresses hope for the future - I too , Sing America The narrator issues commands - Oread

Why does Fitzgerald reveal the truth about Gatsby's background at this particular point in the novel?

This is because Gatsby is the main character in the novel...and the narrator keeps mentioning the pool as well.

What is the narrator of a poem called?

He or she is actually called the narrator. The narrator differs from the author in that the author wrote the poem but the narrator lives inside the poem and is giving a firsthand account of the story.

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In the movie Harry Potter who is the narrator?

There is no narrator in any of the movies.There is no narrator in any of the movies.There is no narrator in any of the movies.There is no narrator in any of the movies.

Who is the narrator in trifles?

there is no narrator, its a play there is no narrator in a dramatic plays

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What type of narrator is in 'The Scarlet Ibis'?

The narrator is a first person narrator.

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