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Q: What is is the number 1 school in Ohio?
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What school is ranked the best school in Elyria Ohio?

Prospect Elementry School is ranked the number 1 school through out Elyria Ohio

Is there a school in Ohio that offers culinary arts?

There are several culinary arts schools in Ohio. The following cities have such programs. The number in parenthesis indicates the number of schools. Vermilion (1), Columbus (3), Chesterland (3), Mason (1), Canton (1), Cincinnati (4), Goshen (1), Westlake (1)

What is the phone number of the Friends Of Cornell School in Johnstown Ohio?

The phone number of the Friends Of Cornell School is: 740-967-7113.

What is the phone number of Keystone High School in LaGrange Ohio?

The phone number of Keystone High School in LaGrange, Ohio is 440-355-5132. Their middle and elementary schools can be contacted with similar phone numbers, only changing the very last digit (the 2) to a 3 for the middle school and to a 4 for the elementary school.

what do you get for winning high school MAC scholastic bowl in ohio?


Who are top ten high school baseball teams in the country?

1 Elder High School (cincinnati ohio)

What is the phone number for Ohio Edison?

The telephone number is 1-800-633-4766

Looking for a school for my step son to learn to weld.?

There are a number of choices for welding schools. I recommend the Lincoln Electric Welding School in Ohio.

Who are the top 10 middle school basketball players in Ohio?

1.Sean Gooden

What is the richest school district in Ohio?

Cleaveland is Ohio's largest school district with 75,684 students.

What is the highest number of first round nfl draft picks from a single school?

Ohio State with 5

Where did Jeffrey Dahmer go to school in Ohio?

Jeffery went to school at Bath, Ohio. At Revere High School.