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the lowest scoring NBA game ever before the shot clock was in 1950 at Minneapolis Lakers home court vs Fort Wayne pistons, the final score was 19-18, pistons won.

after the shot clock, the lowest scoring game was Boston vs Milwaukee, the final score was 62-57, Boston won.

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Q: What is is the lowest scoring NBA game ever?
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What was the highest scoring NBA game ever?


Where can you find a video of the highest scoring NBA game ever?

On Youtube is where that video could be found.

What is the Second highest scoring NBA game ever?

81 points by Kobe Bryant vs Toronto Raptors

What is Michael Jordan's lowest scoring nba game?

At least at the time, Michael Jordan's score of 6 points in the Washington Wizards loss to the Indiana Pacers on Thursday of December 27nd was his lowest scoring NBA game. By doing so he ended a league record streak of 866 consecutive games with double-digit scoring. In the next game two nights later he bounced right back with 51 points against the Charlotte Hornets.

What is the lowest scoring nba game?

The lowest scoring game was ever recorded was 0-0 in Alabama vs Colorado the refferies called it a game after 56 overtimes High school vermont boys basketball: The Fairfax Bullets won the game 5-2 against there rivals the Milton Yellow Jackets

Lowest field goal percentage ever in an nba game?

Chris Bosh 1/18

What is the lowest score by a team in an NBA game?

The lowest scoring game in NCAA history was between North Carolina and Pittsburgh in 1941. Their combined score was only 46.

What is the lowest scoring average of a NBA all star?

14 ppg by Kevin Garnett this year.

Which NBA player has the highest scoring game?

Wilt Chamberlain with 100 pts in one game holding the NBA record.

What koby bryants nba scoring average?

His scoring average this season so far is 26.8 points a game

Who lead the NBA in scoring in 1964?

Wilt Chamberlain of the San Francisco Warriors led the NBA in scoring in the 1963-1964 season with 36.9 points per game.

What is the lowest attendance for an NBA game?

5 nba finals lakers vs celtics