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If a pass is "intercepted" than that means that a defending player got in the way of the ball and eirther took control of the ball himself or deflected it to someone on his team.

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Q: What is interception in basketball?
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What is an interception called in basketball?

In basketball, it's called a steal.

What is a intercept in basketball?

Well mate. The Word Interception is used in many sports and even sports video games. Anywhere you name it. Lets say the opponent has the ball in a basketball game and you know he was about to pass it to his team mate. You predict his pass and quikly grab the ball in mid air from the pass. That is called an interception. Extra Advice: If your playing NFL and you drop the ball and someone else picks it up that's called fumble so it doesn't count as interception. Just fumble.

What part of speech is interception?

Interception is a noun.

After an interception there are offsetting penalties Does the interception count?

Yes, the interception will count. The key is that the penalties happened after the change of possession.

When a defensive player catches a ball in football?

Interception interception

How do use interception in a sentence?

That was a great interception by Zdeno Chara.

When was Cosmic Interception created?

Cosmic Interception was created in 1994.

Interception in endzone?

According to NFL rules if a player makes an interception in the endzone and is ruled down the team that made the interception gets the ball on there own 20.

Can you gave me a sentence using interception?

The interception of the enemy aircraft was a success!

What is the duration of A Timely Interception?

The duration of A Timely Interception is 1020.0 seconds.

What is the difference between a fumble and an interception?

an interception is when you steal the ball but a fumble is when you drop it

What is the difference between a fumble and a interception?

an interception is when you steal the ball but a fumble is when you drop it

When was A Timely Interception created?

A Timely Interception was created on 1913-06-07.

What is interception in geography?

water collects on plant leaves by interception and drip off or moves by stem flow onto soil, this process in hydrological system is called interception.

Who has the longest interception return history?

Vanderbilt's Archibald Barnes had a 100 yard interception.

What is the meaning of interception in geography?

Interception is when tree's/leaves/greenery ect. stop the water from reaching the ground!

Can you give me a sentence using the word interception?

The linebacker had a great interception last night,

How do you spell interception?

That is the correct spelling for "interception" (caught or picked up while in transit).

Interception in end zone is play dead?

No. The play is not automatically dead if there is an interception made in the endzone.

Does an interception count if their was no chance of your team catching it?

absolutely, the QB was on the other team, making it an interception.

What is the meaning of interception in hydrology?

interception is the amount of rainfall , which is intercepted and will not infiltrate into the ground or take apart in the runoff process.

Who holds the record for most consecutive passes without an interception?

Bernie Kosar does with 308 consecutive passes without an interception

What is an interception in flag football?

An interception in flag football involves the possession of the ball being stolen from the offensive team by the defensive team. Specifically, an interception involves a defensive player catching a ball intended to be caught by an offensive player.

What is a pick six in the nfl?

An interception return for a touchdown. Pick = interception and six = number of points scored for a TD.

What are the release dates for Fate's Interception - 1912?

Fate's Interception - 1912 was released on: USA: 8 April 1912