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Q: What is information on the soccer player Ronaldinho?
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Who is your favourite soccer player?


Who was the best soccer player in 2002?


How do you spell famous soccer player ronadihno?


Is ronaldinho the greatest soccer player of all time?

no way

What opinions do people have on ronaldinho?

to become a best soccer player

Who is the worlds best soccer player Pele or ronaldinho?


Who is currently the best soccer player?

Ronaldinho(Ac Milan/Brazil)

Is ronaldinho the second best soccer player?

Yes he is because Ronaldo is the first.

What team is soccer player Ronaldinho as of April 2011?

Flamengo, a team in Brazil.

Who is kebba sanneh's favorite soccer player?

Ronaldinho and his favorite club is Barcelona

Is ronaldinho a good soccer player?

Yes ronaldinho is a good player, but has not been so efficient recently because he has moved countries, which can always be quite difficult, to adjust to. But overall he is a good player.

What team is ronaldinho the soccer player on?

The Brazilian Ronoldhino plays for A.C. Milan it Italy.