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Section I-Definition For the purpose of clarification the 24-second device shall be referred to as "the 24-second clock."

Section II-Starting and Stopping of 24-Second Clock

a. The 24-second clock will start when a team gains new possession of a ball which is in play.

b. On a throw-in, the 24-second clock shall start when the ball is legally touched on the court by a player.

c. A team must attempt a field goal within 24 seconds after gaining possession of the ball. To constitute a legal field goal attempt, the following conditions must be complied with:

(1) The ball must leave the player's hand prior to the expiration of 24 seconds.

(2) After leaving the player's hand(s), the ball must make contact with the basket ring.

d. A team is considered in possession of the ball when holding, passing or dribbling. The team is considered in possession of the ball even though the ball has been batted away but the opponent has not gained possession.

e. Team possession ends when:

(1) There is a legal field goal attempt

(2) The opponent gains possession

f. If a ball is touched by a defensive player who does not gain possession of the ball, the 24-second clock shall continue to run.

g. If a defensive player causes the ball to go out-of-bounds or causes the ball to enter the basket ring from below, the 24-second clock is stopped and the offensive team shall be awarded the ball. The offensive team shall have only the unexpired time remaining on the 24-second clock in which to attempt a field goal. If the 24-second clock reads 0, a 24-second violation has occurred, even though the horn may not have sounded.

h. If during any period there are 24 seconds OR LESS left to play in the period, the 24-second clock shall not function following a change of possession.

i. If an official inadvertently blows his whistle and the 24-second clock buzzer sounds while the ball is in the air, play shall be suspended and play resumed by a jump ball between any two opponents at the center circle, if the shot hits the rim and is unsuccessful. If the shot does not hit the rim, a 24-second violation has occurred. If the shot is successful, the goal shall count and the ball inbounded as after any successful field goal. It should be noted that even though the official blows his whistle, all provisions of the above rule apply.

j. If there is a question whether or not an attempt to score has been made within the 24 seconds allowed, the final decision shall be made by the officials.

k. Whenever the 24-second clock reads 0 and the ball is dead for any reason other than a defensive three-second violation, kicking violation, punched ball violation, personal foul or a technical foul by the defensive team, a 24-second violation has occurred.

Section III-Putting Ball In Play After Violation If a team fails to attempt a field goal within the time allotted, a 24-second violation shall be called. The ball is awarded to the defensive team at the sideline, nearest the spot where play was suspended but no nearer to the baseline than the free throw line extended.

Section IV-Resetting 24-Second Clock

a. The 24-second clock shall be reset when a special situation occurs which warrants such action.

b. The 24-second clock is never reset on technical fouls called on the offensive team.

c. The 24-second clock shall be reset to 24 seconds anytime the following occurs:

(1) Change of possession

(2) Ball contacting the basket ring of the team which is in possession

(3) Personal foul where ball is being inbounded in backcourt

(4) Violation where ball is being inbounded in backcourt

(5) Jump balls which are not the result of a held ball caused by the defense

d. The 24-second clock shall remain the same as when play was interrupted or reset to 14 seconds, whichever is greater, anytime the following occurs:

(1) Personal foul by the defense where ball is being inbounded in frontcourt

(2) Defensive three-second violation

(3) Technical fouls and/or delay-of-game warnings on the defensive team

(4) Kicked or punched ball by the defensive team with the ball being inbounded in the offensive team's front-court

(5) Infection control

(6) Jump balls retained by the offensive team as the result of a held ball caused by the defense

(7) All flagrant and punching fouls

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It's only in professional Basketball match. If you dont shoot within 24 sec after you have started the game every time then it will be ruled as foul.

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Q: What is in the twenty-four second rule in basketball?
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