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FC Steaua Bucuresti is a football club in Romania. It is regarded as the most successful team in the country. It has only placed outside the top six clubs five times in its history.

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Q: What is important about the FC Steaua Bucuresti?
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You are the coach of team steaua bucuresti?

The coach of Steaua Bucharest is Marius Lacatus, a former player.

When was FC Steaua II BucureΘ™ti created?

FC Steaua II București was created in 2004.

When did FC Steaua II BucureΘ™ti end?

FC Steaua II București ended in 2011.

When did FC Steaua III BucureΘ™ti end?

FC Steaua III București ended in 2010.

When was FC Steaua III BucureΘ™ti created?

FC Steaua III București was created in 2009.

What was the Attendances of all regular home league matches over the 2012-13 season for Steaua Bucuresti?

The Attendances of all regular home league matches over the 2012-13 season for Steaua Bucuresti was 21,099.

What is Steaua Bucuresti?

S. C. Football Club Steaua Bucure?ti is a very known football team in Romania.

Who will win between steaua bucuresti vs twente?

Twente probably, because they have a stronger team, and more experience.

Who were the UEFA Champions League runners up in 1989?

The runners up in the 1989 UEFA Champions League were the Steaua București.

Who were the Cupa Romaniei winners In 1950?

The winners of the Cupa Romaniei in 1950 were CCA Bucure�ti. the current Steaua Bucuresti.

What team won the UEFA Champions League in 1986?

The team that won the UEFA Champions League in 1986 was Steaua Bucuresti.

Romanian soccer team slogan?

there are meny teams of soccer in romania, and as such, many slogans. For instance, you have FC Craiova - the champion of a great love; or FC Steaua - the star or FC Dinamo - the dogs from Stefan Cel Mare; or FC Poli Timisoara - the purples; or FC Brasov - the flagers

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