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Q: What is important about Texas Rangers especially Colonel Mackenzie?
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Who does the voice of Zeltrax in Power Rangers Dino Thunder?


What is the highest rank in the Airborne Rangers?

The highest rank within the 75th Ranger Regiment is Colonel. However, promotion beyond the rank of Colonel is possible, though it'll require a transfer to a different posting.

What was the most popular toy for children in 1994?

In 1994 one of the most popular toy for children was anything that had to do with Power Rangers. Especially if it played the theme song to the Power Rangers.

What is an important item in the book rangers apprentice book 2?


Twains account of Colonel Ralls speech full of gunpowder and glory is contrasted most vividly to the Marion Rangers collective remorse over?

Twains account of Colonel Ralls speech "full of gunpowder and glory" is contrasted most vividly to the Marion Rangers collective remorse over the shooting and killing of an unarmed person. The remorse is from the thought of no one even knowing if the person was armed or not.

Did the producers of the power rangers let the power rangers keep their power rangers outfits?

No, the Producers didn't usually let them keep anything from Power Rangers but especially their Power Rangers suits however there were some exceptions to this. Both Blake Foster and Jessica Rey were allowed to keep their Ranger suit and Alison MacInnis was allowed to keep her Lightspeed Rescue jacket.

Who is to blame for the massacre that followed the Battle of Wyoming during the American Revolution?

The massacre was carried out by the Iroquois and the Loyalists unit called Butler's Rangers led by Colonel John Butler.

What is the highest rank in the us rangers?

The Commanding Officer of the 75th Ranger Regiment holds the rank of Colonel. The Rangers are, however, a part of SOCOM, which is commanded by a four star General or Admiral, so a Ranger officer could potentially progress further up the ranks within (or out of) SOCOM.

Who is colonel john mosby?

John Singleton Mosby was the leader of an irregular guerrilla force which came to be known as Mosby's Rangers in Northern Virginia as an adjunct to Confederate general J.E.B. Stuart's cavalry.

Is Star Wars Better then Power rangers?

power rangers is better than star wars especially because of what theve been through over the years, and if u disagree super sentai im sure u would find is far better than star wars and sometimes power rangers

What are some characters from Chip 'N Dale Rescue Rangers?

Chip 'N Dale, Tick-Tock, Gadget Hackwrench, Humphrey, Fat Cat, Monterey Jack, Colonel, and Louie are some of the Characters from the animated series Chip 'N Dale Rescue Rangers. This series premiered on March 4, 1989.

What are the names of all the Power Rangers seasons?

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Power Rangers Zeo Power Rangers Turbo Power Rangers In Space Power Rangers Lost Galaxy Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue Power Rangers Time Force Power Rangers Wild Force Power Rangers Ninja Storm Power Rangers Dino Thunder Power Rangers S.P.D. Power Rangers Mystic Force Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Power Rangers Jungle Fury Power Rangers RPM Power Rangers Samurai along with Power Rangers Super Samurai Power Rangers Megaforce along with Power Rangers Super Megaforce Power Rangers Dino Charge

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