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Q: What is holding position in netball?
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What is the name of the middle position in netball?

This position is named the centre.

What does the word position mean in netball?

Where you are standing like what position are u

What are netball bib?

netball bibs are something for you to wear so you can know what team you are in and what position you play

How many calories do youu burn in netball?

for a hour of netball 300 i think depending on what position you play

What position does Pamela Cookey play in netball?


What position is temepara clark in netball?

C, wa, wd

What position in netball does rebecca bulley play?

Rebecca Bulley plays the position of GD, GK

Are netball players rich?

As netball is not a hugely popular worldwide sport most netball players are not overly rich unless they are in a very top team and play an important position in this team.

What position does Karen Atkinson play in netball?

Karen Atkinson plays the position wing attack and center

What does heldballl mean in netball?

It is a penalty for holding the ball for longer than 3 secs

What is the size of the playing position initials worn by players on a netball court?

its basset

What position does Sharon off kath and kim play in netball?