What is hockey in native?

Updated: 12/9/2022
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when u have played for 50 years

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Q: What is hockey in native?
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When hockey stared?

Hockey was started in Canada in native american or "native canadian" times. this sport was invented by "native canadiens."

What things are native to Canada?

beavers are its native animal and ice hockey is its native sport.

Can a non native person play in a native hockey tournament?

yes by all means

Is hockey a native sport?

Yes it came from Canada

Which was originated first lacrosse or hockey?

yes it is said to have been invented by the ancient Mayans.

Which sport did the native peoples of Canada create?

I would say Hockey..?

What is former Los Angeles Kings hockey player Petr Prajsler doing now?

Prajsler is retired from competitive hockey and is living at home in his native Czech Republic.

Did Canada invent the sports hockey and lacrosse?

Lacrosse was invented in the east in the u.s by native Americans.

What is Russia's native sport?

Football, ice hockey, bandy and basketball are some of the native sports of Russia. They already performed in different worldwide competitions and collected several awards.

What are some of interesting lacrosse facts?

Lacrosse was played by the Native Americans. Lacrosse is actually Canada's national sport. Not hockey. Native Americans used wooden sticks. These are just a few but their are many more that you can either find or read about.

How was ice hockey created?

Problably by canadians. Some people think that when native Americans invented lacrosse the Indians up north by the ice found hockey. Maybe you should go the library:) that's not true the lacrosse yes the hockey no... hockey was invented by the british soldiers in either the revolutionary war or in 1825 i can't really remember. they used the bayonets from their guns as skates.. that's basically all i know

What game the puck is used?

a puck