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The infield is shaped like a diamond, while the outfield is usually a semi-circle but sometimes stadiums change that to whatever they want.

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Q: What is he shape of a baseball field?
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What is the shape of homeplate in baseball?

Home plate on a baseball field is the shape of a pentagon.

What did the the baseball field give to his girlfriend?

A diamond because a baseball field is a diamond shape

Why is a baseball field called a diamond?

Because the field is in the shape of a diamond

What are facts about a baseball field?

Its in the shape of a dimaond.

What is the shape of a baseball and softball field?


Why did Alexander cartwright make a diamond shape field?

The shape of a baseball diamond was designated by Alexander Cartwright because he wanted the field to be different than that of the field in the sport rounders. The rounders field is in the shape of a square, not a diamond.

Why is the shape of a baseball field in the shape of a diamond?

they didn't want the bases to be close together.

Baseball field size?

A baseball field does not have a standard size. They can vary in shape and size and major league baseball fields are larger than most.

What shape has one right angle but isn't a triangle?

A baseball field.

How does a baseball field looks like?

A baseball field looks like a diamond. There is the infield and there is the outfield that make up the look of a diamond. If you have ever been in an air plane and went over a baseball field you can see that it has a diamond shape.

How do you spell diamnod?

The correct spelling is "diamond" (a gemstone made of carbon, a shape, or a baseball field).

How is geometry used in baseball?

Geometry is used in baseball in the shape of the field and diamond. It is also used when players decide where they need to throw the ball.

Geometry in baseball fields?

A baseball field is in the shape of a diamond or a square, depending on which perspective you look at it from. The bases are also shaped like squares.

What is a baseball field?

A baseball field is a playing field upon which baseball is played.

Things that are shaped like a pentagon?

the home plate of a baseball field

Does shape of the antenna effect the magnetic field?

Yes for instance a dipole will have a doughnut shape field and a directional like a yagie will have a long teardrop shape field at the front end and a shorter teardrop field at the rear and some smaler fields sideways and a parabolic disc wil have a very long teardrop shape field

What shape is the magnetic field?

the magnetic field is an oblong shape with two points at the north and south!!

How far is the average baseball field?

the average baseball field is about 535ft is how far the baseball field.

What is the shape of a magnetic field?

Depends on the shape of the magnet, but in general, the field is spheroid around the pole of the magnet.

What shape is required for a soccer field?

The field has to be in the shape of a rectangle. 105 metres long and 65 metres broad.

Nickname for a baseball field?


Why is a baseball field hot after a baseball game?

Sun shining on the field.

How many right angles are on baseball field?

there are 50 right angles on a baseball field.

Is baseball field a proper noun?

No, baseball field is a common noun. Wrigley Field is a proper noun because it is the name of a specific field.

How many baseball players on the field?

a baseball field has exactly 15 players!