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The playground of Baseball is known as Diamond. A baseball field also called a ball field or a baseball diamond is a field upon which the game of baseball is played. The term is also used as a metonym for baseball park.

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Most people call it a baseball diamond.

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Q: Baseball Ground known as
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What is a ground out in baseball?

In baseball, a ground out is an out in which a batter hits a ball on the ground and one of the Infielders catches it before it hits the ground and a ground out can also be an instance of a batter hitting a ball in which an Infielder fields a baseball and then throws to another Infielder in order to record an out as long as the batted baseball was hit on the ground.

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What is notts Forrest fotball Ground?

It is known as the City Ground.

What is a unassisted ground out in baseball?

An unassisted ground out in baseball is the event of the batter hitting the ball and it hitting the ground before a fielder fields the baseball such as a first baseman fielding the baseball and then going over to first base in order to record the batter as an out which would consider it as an unassisted ground out because the Infielder did all of the field work of the out play.

Which London ground is known as the home of cricket?

Lords cricket ground in the St.John's Wood area of London is known as the 'Home of Cricket'.

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Which would hit the ground first a tennis ball or a baseball?

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What is the measurement of criket GROUND?

The length of a cricket ground is 22 yards known as a CHAIN

a hole in the side of a hill or under the ground?

A hole in the side of a hill or under the ground is known as Cave.

What is the name of baseball ground?


What is the shape of a baseball ground?

A Diamond

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What does GOP mean in baseball?

Ground out percentage

4. A woman throws a baseball from the front of an airplane to the back. From the perspective of the woman the baseball travels at an average speed of 15 ms. To an observer on the ground the airpla?

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What type of sport is baseball known as?

In the United States, baseball is known as a national pastime and is the national sport of the country.

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when water moves from clouds (high ground) to the low ground it is called rain also known as precipitation.

Today you can expect the ground to get cold enough for vapor in the air to condense into water droplets which will be deposited on the ground?

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