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Q: What is harder dance or gymnastics?
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Is ballet harder than gymnastics?

Well, ballet and gymnastics are actually quite alike so the answer is no.

Is Gymnastics the hardest sport in the Olympics?

no there are much harder but since gymnastics is such a popular sport you have a lot of pressure. Dance is hard but not a olympic sport

What is more popular Dance or Gymnastics?

Gymnastics is the basis of dance

What is harder then gymnastics?

believe me, nothing is harder.

Is gymnastics harder then football?

im a girl and do gymnastics i think football is so much harder than gymnastics.

What should you do dance or gymnastics?

Why not both!? Dance will help you with gymnastics, and gymnastics will help you with dance! Gymnastics is more of a mental sport, and if you decide to quit once you move up levels and it gets too hard, you can always do dance! Trust me, if you want to do gymnastics, at the minimum take a few ballet classes. They will help you gain flexibility, pointed toes and straight knees as well as your artistry in gymnastics. If you have enough money, I advise you to take dance and gymnastics.

Is gymnastics harder than free running?

Yes, Gymnastics is harder than free running because you have to flip and back flip and do uneven bar's. So yes it is harder.

Can tall people do gymnastics?

yes but its harder

What is a sport close to dance?


Did maddie ziegler do gymnastics?

No she did dance.

What gymnastics center did Shawn Johnson attend?

Chow's Gymnastics and Dance Academy

Do you have to do gymnastics when you are little?

Not at all. However, the older you get, the harder it is