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Men's Artistic Gymnastics

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Q: What is gymnastics for boys called?
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Is it legal for a gymnastics gym that does not allow boys gymnastics?


What do you learn in boys level 2 gymnastics?


Should you do gymnastics or soccer?

it depends on what you like because if you like gymnastics do that or if you like soccer most girls would do gymnastics and most boys would do soccer

Why cant girls and boys be on the same gymnastics team?

because boys do other stuff than the girls

Name some gymnastic events?

Some of the events include:Vault, in which you would naturally use the vault and you might use mats or springboards for practicing. (Used in Girls and Boys gymnastics.)Floor, in which you might use mats or springboards for practice. (Used in Girls and Boys gymnastics.)Bars, in which you use the bars. You also might use grips for your hands, tape, or chalk. (Used in Girls and Boys gymnastics. Girls use uneven bars and boys use parallel bars as well as the high bar.)Beam, in which you use the beam, and a mat for practice. (Used in Girls gymnastics.)Rings, in which you used the rings and you might use mats, a foam pit, or chalk. (Used in Boys gymnastics.)Pommel Horse, in which you use a pommel horse and maybe some chalk. (Used in Boys gymnastics.)

What is muscular control needed for gymnastics is called?

The kind of muscular control needed for gymnastics is called?

Can boy's play Rhythmic Gymnastics?

Yes, if you have a club that will accept you. There's also a men's rhythmic gymnastics that is popular in Japan and is starting to spread to other countries.

What are the three gymnastics called?

There are only two different types of gymnastics, and those are called rhymic and artistic. I prefer rhythmic.

Is the parallel bars at gymnastics for boys girls or both?

The parallel bars are for the men's gymnastics team but the women's routines involve the uneven bars. Hope that helps. :)

What does gymnastic mean?

Gymnastics mean a sport the takes balance,listening skills,talent, and hard work. Gymnastics is good for everyone to do. It helps with you MUSCLE,FLEXIBILITY, AND MANY OTHER THINGS. Gymnastics is good for boys and girls.

Is gymnastics better then every sport?

Yes gymnastics is the best sport and more gutsy if gymnastics was easy it would be called football hehe:)

What are rhythmic gymnastics balls called?

there just called balls