What is gymanstics?

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Gymnastics is a sport that both men and women do. This is a very tough sport where gymnasts train hard usually to become an olympic champion or they use this sport to get in shape. If you are a young person this would be a great sport for you.

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Q: What is gymanstics?
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Are there more girls or boys in gymanstics?


First players on the china gymanstics?

ching chong,wing wong,fluwo gutchia

Gymanstics are said to stimulate aesthetic appreciation what does this mean?

That a type of dinosaur called nestorsaurius will be formed

Do you get paid doing gymanstics?

You do not get paid to do gymnastics...if you do gymnastics and you go to a gym to do it you have to pay them to get classes and use there equipment.

What are favorite iceland sports?


Should an 11 year old take gymnastics?

Of course. One can begin doing gymanstics at an early age. The cut age would be 13.

Where is gymnastics played around the world?

Gymanstics is a very popular sport.. it is done almost everywhere in the world.. it is a western sport however and you may not find it out in the bush of very rural areas

In gymnastics what is the definition of locomotion?

Locomotion is like upright balance. When you take gymanstics they will teach you how to control your body and balance, so they will give you different body positions you have to hold which helps you with posture in movements/routines.

Why is timing important to gymnastics?

Timing is very important in gymanstics. When you're tumbling, you have to go as fast as you can. Other wise, you will be going really slow and loose. Just really ugly. Your form is much better going faster.

Hi Im a gymnast and I have to do only one sport out of the two Gymanstics or Field Hockey what should I do I really need your help Im really counting on you all to help me solve my Big problem.?

I think you shoould go with Gymnastics and field hockey it will work I know it will!!!

Who won the most medals in men's gymanstics in the 2004 Olympics?

Paul Hamm of the United States and Marian Dragulescu of Romania each won three medals at the 2004 Olympics. Hamm won gold in the Individual All-Around and silver in the Team All-Around and Horizontal Bar. Dragulescu won silver in the Floor Exercise and bronze in the Team All-Around and Vault.

Is cheer better then gymnastic?

In my opinion, yes cheer is better than gymanstics. You can make friends easier because unlike gymnastics it is more of a team sport. Everyone has to work together to either hit a stunt or complete a dance routine. Gymnastics is a necesity for cheer. You are more likely to make a cheer team if you can tumble. Cheerleading in my opinion definitly is more fun than gymastics.

Who has won medals for England in 2012 Olympics?

England have won 9 medals all together so far Here are the results. Gold......... Bradley Wiggins Cycling Time Trials Heather Stanning and Helen Glover . Rowing Silver......... Michael Jamieson Swimming Team eventing Equestrian Lizzie Armitstead Bronze........ Rowing Team event Rebecca Adlington Swimming Chris Froome Cycling Time Trials Mens gymanstics team event

How many colleges have mens gymnastics?

actually many that have womens gymnstics dont have mens gymnastics. i know alot of colleges that have mens gymanstics and here are some (if not all) of the them Penn State Springfield Temple Stanford Oklahoma Illinois UCal Florida State Michigan MIT (club team) UVM (they suck) William and Mary Ohio Brockport (i think its in New Hampshire) Navy Army Thats all the ones i know have it for sure and i doubt there are many more

I am no good at average sports soccer tennis softball track karate basketball gymanstics and i want to be more well rounded and excel in a sport any good ideas?

A key element in any sport is to have strength in the core, legs and arms. good thing to do to improve this element is doing sit ups a lot of push ups and running or lung walks. if you do tons of these different things or many different things like it then you will do better. also there are different activity's that will help improve your hand eye coordination which will also help in the sports.

How long should you run a day to lose weight in about a week?

You wont be able to shed several pounds in one week, its unhealthy. The most you can loose is 1 pound a week. Doing Cardio 5x's a week for 30-60 minutes is a must if you want to see fast results. Including a healthy diet, drinking a lot of water, and exercising daily. Dont have your weakest foods in your home. If you dont have them you cant eat them. Yes that is correct but you could actually lose more than 1 pound a week if you improve your lean muscle mass and continue the intense exercise and diet. This way you burn more fat naturally. Take up gymanstics or something that'll do it. Also, try this, Run for about 20 min, sprint for 5 min, then do about 30 min of cardio followed by 30 min of weight lifting. That'll really do it.

Where when and How was Gymnastics originated?

Gymanstics, as an activity sport, has been around for over 2000 years but as an competitive sport it is a little more than 100 years old. Mass and individual exhibitions were conducted by various clubs and ethnic groups such as the Turvereins and Sok ols. While it was slow-growing in the club area, it was fast-growing sport in the Turvereins and Sokols. In 1830s, the sport of gymnastics was introduced to United States and its school systems by such immigrants as Charles Beck, Charles Follen and Franci s Lieber. In 1881 the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) was formed, later was renamed to Bureau of the European Gymnastics Federation. This organization pioneered the international competition. The Amature Athletic Union (AAU) was formed in United Sta tes in 1883. Along with other amature spotts in United States, this organization took over the control of the gymnastics in U.S. Various "championships" started to develop by various clubs and organizations at about the same time during 1880s. Source: Gymnastics is a very fun sport . Shane one of the best gymnest was the winner in dancing with the stars. go shane. Vlader22

What equipment do you need to have for gymnastics?

Well, it depends if it's men or women's gymnastics, artistic or rythmic. In women's artistic gymanstics you need a balance beam, uneven parallel bars, a vaulting table and a runway, and a floor. You also need mats if you want to live. There are 8-inchers, 4-inchers, 16-inchers and more. Also you need a springboard in order to do vault. Men need a vault, floor, parallel bars, pommel horse, rings and a single high bar. Plus mats of all sorts. In rythmic gymnastics, you need a ball (I don't know what the specifications are for that), a ribbon, a hoop (it's not your average hula hoop, it's a special kind), and I think that's it. Rythmic gymnasts compete on a floor which is bigger than an artistic gymnasts'. Most artistic gyms have a variety of other mats, cheesemats, resi pits, etc. You can also have low beams, middle beams, floor bars, tramp bars, leg-lift bars, a tumble trak, rod floor, trampoline, double mini, strap bars, padded beams, floor beams, a "U-mat" and many more. Also I don't know if this counts as equipment but you definitely need CHALK. It will save your life! You need lots of it, not just for bars but for all the events. It helps you keep your grip, especially since gymnasts get sweaty, a lot, trust me, I know. I use chalk practically on everything, especially beam. Basically you need a lot of equipment to safely achieve the art of gymnastics. :)

What are the levels of gymnastics?

In the USA each *Gymnastic Sports use a similar number system to denote the level. Each level is more difficult.In USA Men and Woman's Artistic Gymnastics, Rhythmic Gymanstics, Tumble and Trampoline Gymnastics and Acrobatic Gymnastics, The levels of gymnastics start at level 1 and go all the way to elite levels. (up to three elite levels) Levels 1-3 are typically designed for recreational and or competitive skill developmen and do not usually compete. Pre team helps you get ready for level four. Level four through six is compulsory, meaning that you all do the same routine. Level 7 through 10 are optional routines. For the Gymnastic sports that use music the lower levels all use the same music and around level seven the coach athlete get to choose the music.Skills used in Optional Routines are selected from a manual of skills that list all skills and ranks them in difficulty. The more difficult skills have a higher point value. You make up the Optional routine to maximize the point value of the routine by selecting highest value skills the athlete can safely do and perform with least amount of mistakes possible. If music is part of the Gym sport it selected by coach/athlete.Elite level is the highest and the rules are same across the world. This level is used in Intnerational Competitions.Some competitive Organizations in USA for Woman's Artistic also include levels of Preparatory Optional (Prep Op) 1,2,3, bronze, silver, gold, and platinum in which you have your own routine and music.*Gymnastic Sports includeArtistic Gymnastics Men'sArtistic Gymnastics Woman'sAerobic GymnasticsRhythmic GymnasticsPower Tumble and Trampoline GymnasticsAcrobatic GymnasticsGroup Gymnastics