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Undertaker is sidelined due to multiple new and old injuries that are bothering him.

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Q: What is going on with Mark Calloway the Undertaker?
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When is The Undertaker going to be in the WWE Draft?

not soon undertaker aka mark calloway said he wants to stay at smackdown

Does the undertaker have a girlfriend?

Mark Calloway, which plays The Undertaker on WWE, was married to Sara Calloway. This was the reason why he has a tattoo on his neck that says her name. Rumors have been going around that Michelle McCool is his girlfriend.

Is Mark Calloway immortal?

Mark Calloway isn't but his on screen character The Undertaker is known as the Immortal One.

Who is undertaker's family?

who is mark calloway's family

What is your real name Mr Undertaker?

Mark Calloway

How tall is mark calloway aka the undertaker?

6 feet 10.5

Is the chrather undertaker real?

No. He is really Mark Calloway. and you know this already because u said character undertaker.

Was Mark Calloway aka The Undertaker one of Triple H's Groomsmen?


Is Mark Calloway related to Micheal Gross?

No. Mark Callaway (The Undertaker) Is no Related to a Michael Gross.

Are glen Jacobs and mark calloway brothers?

Glen Jacobs and Mark Callaway aren't brothers. Their characters (Kane and The Undertaker) are.

Is the undertaker real?

The wrestler itself is, but the character is not real, just a gimmick and acted out by Mark Calloway

Is Kane and undertaker real brothers like with their real names?

No .undertaker's real name is mark calloway and Kane's real name is glnn Jacobs

How old is Kane WWE?

Kane is 1 month younger than the Undertaker aka Mark Calloway

Who is gunner calloway?

Hi Gunner Callaway is Mark 'The Undertaker' Callaway's song form his first marriage.

How tall is mark callaway?

Mark Calloway aka The Undertaker is not 6ft 10.5in he is self admittedly 6'8" tall. 6'10.5" is his billed height in the WWE and nothing more.

Has Mark Calloway The Undertaker left wrestling for real?

Mark has had a series of recouring injuries over the past few years and is taking time out to heal and concentrate on his new business.

Dose undertaker the wrestler have a girlfriend?

Mark Undertaker Calaway Is Going Out With Michelle McCool

WAS glen Jacobs ever the undertaker?

Mark Calloway was always the Undertaker, but there was an impostor Undertaker (the Underfaker) played by Brian Lee/Harris (Nailz) who feuded with the Undertaker. Glen Jacobs' characters in the WWE were the evil dentist Dr. Isaac Yankem DDS, Fake Diesel (replacing Kevin Nash), and Kane.

Who is Michelle MCcool boyfriend?

Well Michelle McCool is married to Mark Calloway (also known as The Undertaker) They even have wedding pictures all over the internet.

How old is the underdertaker?

The Undertaker [Mark Calloway] was born on March 24th, 1965 in Houston, Texas. As of the 16th, April 2008, he is currently 43 Years Old.

Is Paul Bearer the father of Mark Calloway and Glen Jacobs?

No, he was not the father of undertaker (mark) and Kane (glenn), their father died in the fire of their funeral home, but paul Bearer saved them. So he kanda became a father figure in a way.

Who is calloway?

i believe that chris calloway is the undertakers son cuz the undertakers real name is mark calloway.

Is the Undertaker going to retire soon?

There has been no mention from Mark Callaway, who portrays the Undertaker on WWE television, stating his plans for retirement.

Who is Chris calloway?

i believe that chris calloway is the undertakers son cuz the undertakers real name is mark calloway.

When did Kane start wrestling?

1997. He attack his (on screen) brother, The Undertaker (Mark Calloway), during his Hell in a Cell match with Shawn Michaels causing him to lose his first Hell in a Cell match.