What is gk in netball?

Updated: 11/19/2022
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GK stands for goal keeper. For goal keeper you can get the ball off the other team and shoot goals so your allowed in the semi circle but your not allowed in the other teams semi circle.

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Q: What is gk in netball?
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What does a gk do in Netball do?

The goal keeper in netball protects the net and stops the opposition from getting the ball into the net.

What is Liz Ellis' occupation?

Liz Ellis in a netball player and plays GK.

Who is aloud in the shotting area in netball?

gs - goal shooter gk - goal keeper

What does GK means in netball?

goal keeper A goal Keeper (GK) plays in the defencive third including the goal ring (semi circle)

How many player are there on a netball team?

There are 7 players on a netball team; C, WA, GA, GS, WD, GD, GK Hope that helps:)

What position in netball does rebecca bulley play?

Rebecca Bulley plays the position of GD, GK

How many members in a netball team?

you need 7 players - 1goal keeper, 1 goal shooter, 1 goal attack, 1 goal defence, 1 wing defence, 1 wing attack and 1 center. You should have subs as well - its good to have 2 (if one is sick than you still have 1)

How many players are in a netball team?

Their are 7 GA,GD,GK,GS,C,WA and WD :) xx

How many players make a netball team?

Seven - GS, GA, WA, C, WD, GD, GK.