What is g you t?

Updated: 9/24/2023
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Q: What is g you t?
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How do you replicate t t c g a g a c t t a g t c g g a t g t g a a g t g g t g a t t?

The bases needed to replicate the bases in the question is aagctctgaatcagcctacacttcaccactaa.

What is the amino acid for t a c g c g c c t a g g g g g t g g?

A t g t g g a a c c g t g

What is the DNA replacation for t t c g a g a c t t a g t c g g a t g t g a a g t g g t g a t t?

a a g c t c t g a a t c a g c c t a c a c t t c a c c a c t a a.T, which stands for Thymine, only "goes" with A (Adanine). C, which stands for cytosine, only "goes" with G (Guanine). Therefore, the replication for it would be reversed.

What is a complementary sequence for to DNA strand A A T T C G C C G G T A T T A G A C G T T?


What is a complementary DNA strand using a t t g c c a g c?

t a a c g g t c g

What nucleotide sequence would represent the complimentary DNA strand to the following a g g c t c a g t c t a g c?

t c c g a g t c a g a t c g

Which one of the following strands of DNA is the compement strand to C-C-A-T-C-G A. G-G-T-A-G-C C. A-A-C-G-A-T B. G-G-A-T-G-C D. T-T-G-C-T-A?

In DNA strands, C pairs with G and A pairs with T. The complementary strand to C-C-A-T-C-G would be G-G-T-A-C.

What is the DNA code for A-T-C-G-A?


What is the name given to the process where the DNA is copied?

DNA Replication. A C T A G G T G A T C C A C T A G G T G A T C C

What is the amino acid sequence for t a c a c c t t g g c g a c g a c t?

Before we look at the complimentary mRNA sequence of the given DNA sequence, let us remember that RNA contains uracil (U) in place of Thiamine (T) The querry sequence is: t-a-c-c-t-c-g-c-a-a-c-t So the mRNA sequence would be: A U G G A G C G U U G A

What is the complementary strand for this sequence for c-g-t-g-a-g-a-c-c-t-g-g-c-a-c-t-a-a?

G-A-T-T-A-G-C-C-T-A-A-G-G-T-C-GDNA base-pairing rulesAdenine - ThymineCytosine - GuanineRNA base-pairing rulesAdenine - UracilCytosine - Guanine

What is the complementary DNA strand for t-a-c c-g-g a-t-g c-c-a g-a-t c-a-a a-t-c?

t-t-a-c-g-g-t-a-g-c-t-t is the complementary strand. Adenine joins with Thymine (with two hydrogen bonds) and Cytosine joins with Guanine (with three hydrogen bonds)