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During your service motion, if your feet touch the baseline of the court or touch the middle line (the bump in the middle of the baseline), it is called a foot fault and the serve is a fault. The serve is supposed to be delivered from behind the baseline and from one side of the court. Your feet are only allowed to touch the baseline after the ball has completed contact with the racket head.

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Q: What is foot fault in the tennis game?
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Can a foot fault be challenged in professional tennis?

What has "professional" got to do with it ? A foot fault is a foot fault.

In tennis what happens when somebody foot faults?

A foot fault is the same as a regular fault. If you foot-fault twice then its their point. Though it often occurs much more in junior tennis then the pros.

What are some tennis words that begin with the letter F?

Fault Foot fault.

What game uses the term fault?


What is foot vault in tennis?

If you were referring to foot fault, foot fault is when serving you foot steps on the baseline or if it crosses the middle of the baseline. If you do commit a foot-fault, a serve is taken away from you; i.e if you make a foot-fault on a first serve you have to hit a 2nd serve and if you make a foot-fault on a second serve, a double fault is given.

Which game is the double fault associated with?

lawn tennis

What is the foot fault rule in the game of Badminton?

A foot fault is when your foot hist the service line while serving.

What is meaning of foot fault in tennis?

It's a service fault caused by the positioning of the foot. Specifically, it means you stepped over the line while serving.

How do you get called for a foot fault in tennis?

A foot fault occurs when the server steps into the court before hitting the ball. If the server jumps, hits the serve, and lands in the court, then it is acceptable, but if the foot is in the court, while the ball is being served, then it is a foot fault.

In tennis a player who steps on or in front of the baseline while serving commits a what?

Foot Fault

What is the difference between an out and fault calls in tennis?

Fault is called only during service (including foot fault) whereas out is called during actual gameplay.

Can you lose a tennis game if you make a double fault?

The answer is no you cant. But you will lose that point.

Can you jump on a service in tennis?

Yes. In fact, most people do jump on a service in tennis. You just need to be carefule that your foot doesn't cross the baseline early so you avoid a foot fault.

What is a foot fault in tennis?

The player who is serving must stand behind the baseline, between the center mark and the sideline. A foot fault takes place when your foot touches the ground on - or forward of - the service line before you strike the ball.

What does the assistant umpire do in tennis?

he sees the servers foot while serving to see if he's making a foot fault. but he slips on some paint the bender.

In tennis is it a foot fault when a right handed server's right foot crosses the base line during the service motion?

it is a foot fault when any part of each foot touches or crosses the base line before or during the time period when the raquet makes contact with the ball

What are some terms of tennis?

net call base line tram lines volley lob ace smash deuce love game set match fault serve foot fault doubles singles racket net balls backhand forehand

Ways to foot fault in tennis?

There's only one way stepping inside the tennis court before you actually hit the serve, but it only happens if you are in your swing and step in.

What is a service fault in tennis?

a service fault in tennis is when you either when you serve and you don't get it over the first line OR you get it out

The term double fault is associated with?

Table tennis, or Lawn Tennis

What does fault mean in tennis?

Fault (in tennis) describes a invalid serve. It is a fault if the serve fails to land in the receiver's service court; if the serve is made beyond the baseline or the wrong side of the center mark on the court. It also applies if the server misses the ball completely on a serve.There is also Double fault which is two failed attempts in which the opponent receives the point.And last there is a Foot Fault which is when the severs foot enters the court before the ball contacts the racket. It also applies if the servers foot is on the wrong side of the center mark or the server is running or walking during the serve.

Is lawn tennis associated with the double fault?

yes lawn tennis and badminton

What is a serve that grazes the net in tennis?

a fault

What sport can a player double- fault in?


What is an illegal serve called in tennis?

A fault.