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Applying the brakes with your foot!

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Q: What is foot breaking in a race car?
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Average height of a race care driver?

The average height of an American race car driver is five foot eleven. The average weight of an American race car driver is 159 pounds.

What is the worlds fastest race car?

That would be the SSC, supersonic car. It reached an amazing 763 mph breaking the sound barrier on land.

Is race car spelled race car?

Yes, it is indeed spelled race car.

What is breaking a maiden in horse racing?

Breaking your maiden in horse racing means that you won your first race. Your maiden race is every race you enter until you win a race.

What is race car spelled backwards?

Race car spelled backwards is the same thing: race car.

Is a car considered a real race car is it is not used for racing?

Not at all, even if the vehicle was once used for any type of profesional racing does not make it a race car. Just because a car is fast does not make it a race car either. Even if the car is currently used for street racing, it is not legally a race car. Everybody wants to call their car a race car, but if you don't professionally race it then don't bother saying that it is a race car.

Is it legal to cross the finish line on foot in a nascar race?

No? The sport involves race-cars so I assume your car must touch/cross the finish line (not the entire car, though, as far as I know).

Is race car spelled backwards race car?

Yes. If you look at the word and take the space out, it spells race car.

Is a palindrome for race car?

Yes, "race car" is a palindrome.

Why is race car is cools and fast then car?

to race, you have to be cool before your fast, then you have to get a car.

What do you call a person who joins a car race?

race car driver

Can you race your own car in nascar or do you have to race for a franchize?

You could race your own car if you were rich enough.

What is the name of the place where a car race is held?

A car race is held at a race track.

Why is a race car important?

to race

What is the difference between race car and city car?

A race car moves significantly faster than a city car.

Did you know Race car backwards is race car?

yeah obviously HAHA

How much gas can a race car hold?

It depends what kind of race car it is.

What is a palindrome for a fast vehicle?

race car

How many mpg does a stock race car get?

There is no such thing as a Stock race car. The fact that it is a race car means it is not stock. MPG depends on exactly what type of race car you are asking about. Suffice to say, none get good mileage.

What is the race in Saudi Arabia?

camel race, car race

What is a palindrome for a very fast car?

race car

Where can I learn how to become a race car driver?

To become a race car driver, first you need to figure out what type of race car driving you would like to pursue. Then you need to get experience and start working as a part of a race car team.

Who laid out a 600 foot race course in the ancient Olympics?

Pheidippides laid out 600 foot race course in the ancient Olympics.

How many driver get paid at a nascar race 1st threw 15th or what?

Every car that enters a race will be paid for that race. Even if it does not finish the race. The amount a car (and driver) gets paid depends on the position the car ends the race in.

What is race in German?

car race = Autorennen.

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