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The fastball (also called hummer and other names) is the most common type of pitch in Baseball. Some "power pitchers," like Nolan Ryan, Roger Clemens and Satchel Paige have thrown it at speeds of 95-104 mph (152.9-167.3 km/h) (officially) and up to 107.9 mph (173.6 km/h) (unofficially)[1], relying purely on speed to prevent the ball from being hit. Others throw more slowly but put movement on the ball or throw it on the outside of the plate where the batter cannot easily reach it. The appearance of a faster pitch to the batter can sometimes be achieved by minimizing the batter's vision of the ball before its release. The result is known as an "exploding fastball": a pitch that seems to arrive at the plate quickly despite its low velocity. Fastballs are usually thrown with backspin, so that the Magnus effect creates an upward force on the ball, causing it to fall less rapidly than might be expected. A pitch on which this effect is most marked is often called a "rising fastball", as the ball appears to rise to the batter. Colloquially, use of the fastball is called throwing heat or putting steam on it, among many other variants. Gripping the ball with the fingers across the wide part of the seam ("four-seam fastball") so that both the index finger and middle finger are touching two seams perpendicularly produces a straight pitch, gripping it across the narrow part ("two-seam fastball") so that both the index finger and middle finger are along a seam produces a sinking fastball, holding a four-seam fastball off-center ("cut fastball") imparts lateral movement to the fastball, and splitting the fingers along the seams ("split-finger fastball") produces a sinking action with a lateral break. *

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The four seam fastball has a higher velocity, but normally tends to offer less movement that a two seamer. Four seam fastball usually clocks out, depending on the pitcher, in the upper 90's reaching low hundreds sometimes. Two seamers are usually in the lower 90's upper 80's with a trailing path.

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Only a few mph. the big advantage is they tend to sink less at the plate. See forum below.

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Q: What is faster a 2 seam fastball or a 4 seam fastball?
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What types of pitches does Tim Lincecum throw?

4 seam fastball, 2 seam fastball, split, 12-6 curve-ball and slider

What pitches does Joe Nathan throw?

Joe Nathan throws a 4 seam fastball, 2 seam fastball, slider, and curve (12-6).

How do you throw the pitches that a Major League Baseball pitcher throws?

Click on the links under the 'Related Questions' heading at the bottom of this page for instructions on throwing the pitches an MLB pitcher throws.

How many revolutions does a basbeall have from the pitchers mound to the plate?

A lot, it depends on the type of pitch. A 4-seam fastball or 2-seam fastball will have more rotations, but a knuckle ball may have little to no rotations, where as the curve ball and slider are in between.

What are the most common pitches?

The fastball,slider and change-up are the most common pitches. The 4 seam fastball is the most common

How do you throw an accurate fastball?

The most accurate pitch in baseball is the 4-seam fastball. You can throw a 4-seam fastball by: Placing your index finger and middle finger comfortably apart from each other across the seams where the seams are farthest apart from each other. Then, throw it as if you were playing catch.

What effect might the stitches on a baseball have on the path of a baseball?

if you throw a 4-seam fastball and if you throw hard enough it will rise. a two-seam will just go straight

How fast does Cole Hamels pitch?

90-93 mph 4 Seam Fastball 88-91 mph Cut Fastball 78-81 mph Curveball 76-79 mph Circle Change

How do you pitch a 4 seam fastball?

Spread your four fingers evenly across the top of the baseball, your thumb should be on the bottom.

What types of pitches does roger clemens throw?

A: Roger threw Both a 4 seam and 2 seam fast ball, a change up (normal/straight change), curveball and/or slider, and his signature lightning split-finger fastball that broke down with a lot of force.

What pitches did Roger Clemens throw?

A: Roger threw Both a 4 seam and 2 seam fast ball, a change up (normal/straight change), curveball, slider, and his signature "lightning" split-finger fastball that broke down with a lot of force.

What pitches does Phil Hughes throw?

A 93 to 95 mph fastball which can hit 97 when he needs it. Great control on the fastball. A 1 to 7 curve which is devastating (he's ditched his hard slider). And he's worked in a solid mid to upper mid 80's change up. In a go-to situation, his out pitch is the hook.