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Every soccer team has 11 players. Every soccer team plays on a field that is in the shape of a rectangle. Every team has a goal to protect.

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Q: What is every soccer team?
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Does Switzerland have a soccer team?

Yes. Almost every countries have soccer teams.

What are soccer round robin?

A round robin competition is when every team plays every other team.

Does every country in the world have a soccer team?


How can you compare a cell to a soccer team?

The only way I can see a relation is that in both a soccer team and a cell every part is vital and without every single part it cannot work properly.

Why does the US Soccer team only compete every four years?

The US Soccer team only competes every four years because it is the required to do so because the Wold Cup tournaments is participated after every four years.

Is soccer a very good sport?

Yes soccer is a good sport.I am a assisant coach of my little cousins soccer team so far our team has won every single one.I am proud of my team but especially my little cousin.

How many schools have a soccer team?

Every school cuz soccer is the bestest sport in da world

How good is pasa soccer?

they are the best team ever every player on the team is better than you

What is the meaning of home team in soccer?

In soccer this mean the home team is playing on their home ground in their home town that they represent; same in every other sport.

In soccer leagues what does 'goals for' mean?

"Goals For" in soccer means the amount of goals your team scored in every game.

Which soccer player wears number 14?

Every team may haveone what team so it depends for the team you mean

Did a soccer team ever draw every match in a season?

On a full regular season, no. There would be no precedent for it in modern soccer.

Do they play soccer in Russia?

yes they do, nearly every team in the world has a football team.(if not there wouldn't be a world cup):)

What salary does a soccer player get per year?

If your a pro-soccer player and if your good like David Beckham he gets like $5,000 every game his team wins so it depends how well you are at soccer and how good your soccer team is *-*Anna Hodges*-*

How often does a soccer team change their kit?

usually every three years.

Is it correct girl's soccer team or girls' soccer team?

Girl's soccer team means ONE Girl's team. Girls' soccer team means PLURAL AMOUNT OF GIRLS soccer team. Now u figure it out XD

Which soccer team won a championship title in 2000?

emily heskey's team as he is better than messi and every team he plays for wins everything.

Is a soccer sweeper as important as a striker?

Every member of a team is just as important as the others.

How many countries have soccer teams?

Practically every country has a team, about 229 teams.

Is Brazil the best soccer team?

While opinions may very based on national pride, Brazil has won 5 world cups and is the only team that has qualified for every tournament. In this regard, they can be considered the best international soccer team.

Should girls soccer team be girls' soccer team?

It should be girl's soccer team ;)

Does Germany have an all female team for soccer?

Yeah, every team also has a womens team. There is even a 2011 womens world cup coming up.

Does Spain have a soccer team?

Yes it does have a soccer team

Can irelands soccer team beat US soccer team?

well any soccer team can beat any other soccer team but it might take time for ireland to win though

What is a Bolivian soccer team?

A soccer team from Bolivia. This can include a league team or a national team.