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it is easier to pedal with longer cranks because you have more leverage but it is not necessarily better to have really long cranks.

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Q: What is easier to pedal a bike with long cranks or a bike with short cranks?
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How many axles do you need for a bmx bike?

Five. One for each wheel, one for the cranks and one for each pedal.

My friend has a Next Wipeout bike and it has pedal brakes. Is there any way to turn pedal breaks into casette cranks aka able to back pedal?

Don't know what you mean by cassette cranks, but to be able to back pedal you'd need to get another hub for that bike. It's probably cheaper to find a complete new rear wheel than to rebuild your current wheel around another hub.

What is a good beginner fixie bike?

If you haven't ridden a bike before at all I'd suggest that you don't start with a fixie. If you already know how to ride, and want to take up fixie riding, then go for a bike with front + rear brakes and good pedal-to-ground clearance(=short cranks).

What do the cranks do on a bike?

Pushing on the cranks puts tension on the chain, which rotates the rear wheel and pushes the bike forward.

What does bike mean?

Bike is short for bicycle, and can either refer to a motorcycle, or a human-powered, pedal-driven bicycle.

What is the name of the bike that you can pedal while lying down?

That'd be a Recumbent, or 'bent for short.

Why is the Brake pedal too high?

well if you are on a bike the pedal is high because your feet need to tuch if your short and you know it then your feet will tuch it.

Why do cyclists use a lightweight bike?

Because its easier to ride on and it would take less strength to pedal. If they were doing tricks obviously they would use a light bike.

Is there a pedal bike in gta4?

No there is not

Will Eastern Stealth cranks go on a bike that has a one piece crank on it?

That's what Eastern Stealth cranks are made for.

Where you put your foot on a bike?


Can you use mountain bike cranks on a bmx bike?

Yes, if you can find the correct bottom bracket for the frame.

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