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As a BMXer i have learned how to and done both of those things, generally this is how i see it:

If your using clips:bunny hops are easier, because you can pull up with your legs to help get extra air, while as it's hard to get out of clips, doing a wheelie with clips can be nerve racking and make it harder to do, especially if your not confident in your skills (plus if you make a mistake, good luck recovering)

if your using flat/regular pedals:Wheelie is easier, its much easier to get your weight back and save yourself if you accidentally to too high and flip over. while with bunny hops you basically have to do a wheelie and then push forward on you bike to get the back wheel up (basically you have to learn to do a wheelie to do a bunny hop on flats).

hope this helps

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Q: What is easier bunnyhop or wheelie?
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