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Q: What is definition of loss of down in football?
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Can you carry a football player backwards for loss?

no because once the football player has lost all of his forward momentum the refree will mark the ball down there.

What is the definition of 'holing' in American football?

It's "holding", not "holing". A player is not permitted to grab onto a player who does not have the football, nor is he allowed to hold him down if he's on the ground.

What is the legal definition of consequential loss?

It is the loss in the value of loss resulting from the use of property

What is the definition of loss percentage?


What is the definition of CFL?

Canadian Football League.

What does TFL in football stats mean?

TFL in football stats stands for TFL - Tackle For Loss.

Even though Amy's mom claims that girls do not play football Amy decides to play football anyway. This is an example of?


What is Iowa Hawkeyes worst loss ever in football?

Any loss to Iowa State is arguably the worst loss ever.

What is the business definition for profit loss statement?

The business definition of the profit loss statement is a financial statement that explains your costs, expenses and revenues in a specific time period.

What is the definition of de?

the definition of de means- Down, down from, opposite ofhope this helps!

What is a dumbed down definition of combination circuit?

what is a dumb down definition of acombination circuit

Does playing football cause memory loss?

Possibly. Some head injuries, including certain ones received while playing football, could result in memory loss.