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Nordic skiing.

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Q: What is cross-country skiing also called?
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Which athlete has won the most gold medals for the US in the winter Olympics?

Bjoern Dahlie of Norway (crosscountry skiing)

Which olympic sport uses the most energy and burns the most calories?

Hockey, 5000m speed skating and long crosscountry skiing

When was CrossCountry created?

CrossCountry was created in 2007.

What is the technical term for the sport of cross country skiing?

It can also be called Nordic Skiing...

Do you need a helmet for crosscountry skiing?

My advice is to always wear a helmet when you go skiing. It can be very dangerous if you dont have one, because the snow is hard to land on. Even if you go skiing in deep snow, you never know if there are stones hidden underneath it.

What did freestyle skiing use to be called?

skiers use jumps (also called kickers or launches) or rails to do Freestyle skiing

When was Virgin CrossCountry created?

Virgin CrossCountry was created in 1997.

When did Virgin CrossCountry end?

Virgin CrossCountry ended in 2007.

What events are in the winter olympic games?

alpine skiing, crosscountry skiing, figure skating, ice hockey, Nordic combined, ski jumping, speed skating, luge, short track speed skating, freestyle skiing. Speed skiing, bandy, and skijoring were semonstration sports but never were titled OFFICIAL WINTER GAME SPORTS.

Do you have codes for dub edition remix?

crosscountry-all cities in ARCADE moderoadtrip or crosscountry All cities in arcade moderoadtrip or crosscountry All cities in arcade mode

What is high speed skiing called?

Speed skiing.

What sports were in the first winter olyimpic?

Hockey,snowboarding,figure skating,curling,freestyle skiing,crosscountry skiing,apline skiing,bobsleigh and shooting. Did u know:Canada is the best country in the world at hockey. In 2010 women and men won gold medal for hockey and both of them were verses the USA. GO Canada Go -_-

Is there horse crosscountry compettions in England?

There are. Contact the organizations in your area that sponcors crosscountry events, you can find these online.

Can you use downhill wax on crosscountry skis?


Where can one find cheap skiing holidays?

One can find cheap skiing holidays at a website called EasyJet. Another website that one can look at is SlideShare. You can also find blogs on Tumblr about cheap skiing holidays.

What is zigzag skiing called?


What is half of a biathlon called?


What are the sticks called in skiing?


Are Alps ideal for Alpine Skiing?

Yes, they are. That's why it's called Alpine skiing!

What sport has an event called the slalom?

Sports such as alpine skiing, snowboarding, windsurfing and water skiing have events called the slalom.

Why is skiing called skiing?

Skiing was invented in Scandinavia where they used to speak Norse, the word skiing comes from the old Norse word skíð which translates as a stick of wood

You are looking for a word where skiing begins with down?

'downhill'While it may seem obvious that all skiing would be downhill, nevertheless there is a sporting race in skiing that is specifically called 'downhill' skiing, or the 'downhill' event. This race has very few turns, as opposed to the skiing 'slalom' event, which is also downhill, but has a zigzag course with many turns.

How do you win a crosscountry race?

the trick is to run as fast as you can

when is a good time to go heli skiing?

Heli skiing is done during the winter months because you need snow. Which is why it is called skiing. Exactly when, I do not know. I am not an expert on skiing.

What is Norways nation sport?

Norway's National Sport is skiing, we love skiing, either its high up in the mountains or just a trip into the forest. Very many people in Norway go skiing, and this is also one of the reasons why Norway is very good in international skiing contests. If you mean what Norway's citizens play the most, its football, also called soccer.

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