What is cross-country runner?

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A cross-country runner is a runner who trains and races in a long distance race. The distance are usually 5k and up.

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Q: What is cross-country runner?
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What is an average time for a jv crosscountry runner who is 15 and female and is 130lbs?

It is at least twenty-five minutes.

What are the benefits of fartlek training for a duathalon?

Because they help you with your pace and tghey help you go faster and slower during your race so you don't run out of energy. I know this because i am a track/crosscountry runner and i had to do these for crosscountry.

When was CrossCountry created?

CrossCountry was created in 2007.

When was Virgin CrossCountry created?

Virgin CrossCountry was created in 1997.

When did Virgin CrossCountry end?

Virgin CrossCountry ended in 2007.

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Is there horse crosscountry compettions in England?

There are. Contact the organizations in your area that sponcors crosscountry events, you can find these online.

Can you use downhill wax on crosscountry skis?


How do you win a crosscountry race?

the trick is to run as fast as you can

What college has a better college crosscountry team USC or UCLA?


How can you become a good crosscountry runner?

I have been running crosscountry for 3 years now and if theres three things you need to know about become the best runner you can become it is 1. train hard. - you become a great runner by practice. and running your little heart out during practice. if you train hard during practice, running that 3.1 miles will be nothing. 2. be in the write mind set. - if you telll yourself "you cant do it", "its to hard" then you have already lost the race. tell yourself "im strong" "I can do this" i know it sounds stupid but seriuosly. it works. 3. eat right. - dont go run 5 miles and then go eat a big candy bar. your just plain stupid if you do. eat an apple.

How do you say i do crosscountry and golf in french?

Je fais du cross country et du golf

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