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$100,000 dollars a week

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Q: What is christiano ronaldo's salary per week in US dollar?
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Christiano ronaldos salary for one league?

£180,000 per week

What is Cristiano Ronaldos salaray?

Real Madrid are paying Christiano Ronaldo a weekly salary of 200,000 pounds a week and in the fifth year of his five year contract it will reach 500, 000 pounds.

How much did christiano ronaldo salary weekly?

cristiano ronaldo gets 200,000 pounds a week! which is like 2,00,00,000 (INR)

How much does Cristiano renaldo earn?

Christiano Ronaldo earns a huge 200,000 pounds a week as salary.

How much will Cristiano ronaldo will b earning at real Madrid?

Today Christiano Ronaldo earns 200,000 pounds a week as a salary.

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Who is paid more in machesterunited?

Christiano ronaldo - 119,000 pounds a week

Which soccer player earns the most per week?

christiano Ronaldo

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