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Cheerleading competition is when all different cheerleading squades compete for a trophy.

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Q: What is cheerleading competition?
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When was NCAA Cheerleading Competition created?

NCAA Cheerleading Competition was created in 2004.

Cheerleading competition in Disney World this week?

The Cheerleading Worlds

How do you say cheerleading competition in french?

cheerleading la concurrence. I think.

Is cheerleading a professional sport?

Though many don't consider it one, yes, cheerleading is a professional sport- NFL football teams have cheerleaders. Also, there are many levels of competition in cheerleading- there's a Worlds competition for all-star cheerleaders and a Nationals competition for highschool cheerleaders.

When did competitive cheerleading start?

Competitive cheerleading started in 1978. ESPN broadcasted the first National High School Cheerleading Competition in 1983.

Who won the cheerleading competition in 1978?

Which competition are you talking about? There are many! ~EA

Is cheerleading a competitive sport?

For school cheerleading, there is a whole squad just for competition. Competition Squad is more for tumbling, jumps, and stunts rather than actual cheers.

Is cheerleading a compeditive sport?

Yes...all-star cheerleading is competitive. It is actually known for how competitive it really is. However, recreation cheerleading or school cheerleading is not. That is more spirit than competition.

What is All-star cheerleading?

All-Star cheerleading is competitive cheerleading. this means they perform and compete against other teams at a cheerleading competition' and Triple Threat All-Stars is the best all-star team

Is cheerleading a sport or physical activity?

Both. Sideline cheerleading (the cheering you see at football and basketball games) is NOT a sport. It is a physical activity then. Competition cheerleading (strictly cheerleading competitions, self explanatory) is a sport in that setting.

Any good prayers before a cheerleading competition?

There is no such thing as a bad prayer.

How much is competition cheerleading?

$1000-$10000 a lot. I know..

What are some cheerleading competition pictures?

go on Google and type in xtreme spirit and go on the website and they will have a link to competition pictures and that's where u view them

Is competition cheerleading really hard?

Competition cheerleading is much more extreme. The stunts are harder, and the tumbling is much more advanced. That is not to say that it is unbearably hard and impossible. It is a challenge. You may feel sore until you get used to the workout. But I highly recommend it, it is a great sport.

What move do the Clovers and Toros do that would normally be illegal in a high school cheerleading competition?


Are there any cheerleadinggames?

If your talking about cheerleaders cheering for games then yes there is but if you talking about competition then yes there are competitons in cheerleading.

What is an alternate cheerleader?

In school cheerleading, an alternate performs at games, but in competition, will only perform if someone is sick

What is the 80 percent rule in the Missouri cheerleading coaches association cheerleading competition?

At regionals, if you don't place in the top 5 but score 80% or higher in points, you receive an "At-Large" bid to state.

What makes a healthy competition?

Competition cheerleading is fun. Running helps.... A LOT -if that's what you are asking (: - Also, I think a "healthy competition" is one where you better yourself or improve to try and win, but don't hate them.

Is wildcat all-stars the best cheerleading team ever?

Probally not... but It is hard to tell the best cheerleading team ever. And there are many wildcats. World's is a competition in Georgia and cheerleaders come from all over the world for it. I guess if a team won first place at that competition then they would be the best. Stingray Allstars is a very good cheerleading team. So is Fame Allstars they got 6th place at World's and American Cheerleader Magazine said they were 11th cheerleading team in the Country, which is amazing :)

Is there a Filipino cheerleader?

There are many cheerleaders in the Philippines. We even have a national cheerleading competition each year (NCC Philippines).

What time of the year are cheer tryouts usually held?

serious competition cheerleading tryouts are usually in May or June

Is there a professional cheerleading Job?

Probably being a coach for a team, or developing your own team. You could also be a judge at a cheerleading competition, but you would have to of been an exceptional cheerleader to do this. hope this helps :) xx

What are some cheerleading superstitions?

dont shave before competition and its good luck if you get your period before a competition. also team mates make each other socks with inspirational sayings on them.

When does cheerleading competition start?

For all-star cheerleaders, competition season can starts as early as November or December. Same for high school cheerleaders. The comps carry all through the spring