What is catcher pop time?

Updated: 12/8/2022
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Catcher pop time is the time it takes for a catcher to come out of his crouch after receiving the pitch (like if he was going to try and throw a runner out at second base).

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Q: What is catcher pop time?
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What is a pop time in baseball?

Pop Time is how fast a catcher throws the ball to second base when a runner is stealing. from the pop of the catchers glove to the pop of the second baseman or shortstops glove at second base.

What is a good pop time for a softball catcher from home to two?

For a middle teen and high school catcher good is 1.7 seconds.

What is a significant distance for a pop to a catcher on a foul tip?

6 Ft

Who is the greatest defensive catcher of all time?

The best catcher is JORGE POSADA!

What is Yadier Molina's pop time?

1.86753099999 is his POP time.

What is buster posey's pop time?

Buster Posey's pop time is roughly 1.85

Put a pitcher with another pitcher?

You cant have two pitchers at the same time but during the game you can call time and swap the pitchers but the pitcher can not be catcher and the catcher can not be pitcher.

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What is a good throw down time for a fastpitch catcher?


What is the fastest time thrown from glove to glove from a catcher?

i see the question has improved but not that much ... i still don't no WHOS the catcher throwing to ...

If catcher drops a foul pop up and batter subsequently gets a hit is batter creditted with a hit?

Sure, the fact that the catcher committed an error by dropping the foul pop up, doesn't effect any action the batter may do. It may, however, effect whether any run or runs that may score are "earned" or "unearned" runs.