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Q: What is brad Simpson favorite soccer team?
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Who is brad paisleys favorite baseball team?

Brad's favorite baseball team is the Chicago Cubs

What is Cody Simpson favorite team?

His favorite baseball team is the New York Yankees.

What was jfk's favorite soccer team?

Kennedy's favorite sports were sailing, golf, tennis and sailing. But he probably would have rooted for the Harvard soccer team.

Where can one find the soccer stats of their favorite team?

Information depends on which country your favorite team plays. If your favorite soccer team is in England, one option is to look at the FA's official website, or your team's own official website.

What is Cody Simpson's favorite football team?

Baltimore Ravens

Gifts for a soccer player?

A pair of new soccer shoes or their favorite soccer team jersey

What is billie joe's favorite sport?

soccer, he coached his sons soccer team

What teams does Cody Simpson like?

His favorite football team is Baltimore Ravens and his favorite baseball team is New York Yankees

What is john cenas favorite soccer team?


What is Cody Simpson's favorite NFL football team?

Baltimore ravens

Which English Premiership soccer team currently has two American goalkeepers both named Brad?

Aston Villa - Brad Friedal and Bradley Guzan.

What is Greyson chances favorite soccer team?

manchester city