What is billie joe's favorite sport?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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soccer, he coached his sons soccer team

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Q: What is billie joe's favorite sport?
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What is joes favorite sport?

joe jonas' favorite sport is wiffel ball omg he is so hottJoe Jonas`s favorite sport is Baseballjoes fav sport is golf

What is billie joe armstrongs favorite sport?

Well he played football in highschool so I guess that's his favorite sport.

What is billie joes dads name?

Billy Joes father is Clarence Royal and his mom is Mary.

What is billie joes armstronges zodiac sign?


What is billie joes musical style?

punk rock

What is Joes favorite sport basketball or baseball?

Actually, his favorite sport is wiffle ball, which is basically the same as baseball, so between baseball and basketball, baseball is probably the one he favors more.

In the book out of the dust Where did Billie joes dad meet Louise?

in the house

What is joes fav sport?


What is billie joes real hair color?

reddish brown (more brownish)

Joes favorite color?


What is joes favorite fruit?


What is Billie Joes address?

5652 Florance Tarrance Oakland Ca 94611 USA