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The top end on his fastball maxed out around 92 mph.

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Q: What is bill swift's fastest pitch?
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What is the fastest pitch ever thrown at Fenway Park?

The fastest pitch thrown at Fenway Park was 108 mph.

What is the fastest underhand pitch?

The fastest ever recored softball pitch is 95. By a 18 year old in Texas!!

What is the fastest fastpitch pitch ever thrown by a girl?

the fastest pitch ever recorded was 93.2 in the 1996 olimpics!!!

Fastest little league pitch?

The fastest Little league pitch was 90 MPH. A twelve year old by threw this pitch. His name is Tanner Beebe.

What was the fastest pitch Tim Hudson pitch?

Tim Hudson is a starting pitcher for the Atlanta Braves. His fastest pitch is the four seam fastball which he can throw at 93 mph.

In baseball what type of pitch is the fastest?

The fastball.

What is the fastest pitch thrown?

106 mph

What was Nolan Ryans fastest pitch?


What is the fastest basball pitch ever?


What was the Fastest pitch in 1945?

Timothy Kim

Who has the fastest pitch in softball?

Amie Harre

What was Randy Johnsons fastest pitch?


What is the fastest fast-pitch ever?

the fastest pitcher was asher roth in college and it was 115 mph

Whats the fastest pitch in softball?

73.2 mph

What was Nolan Ryan's fastest pitch?

100.9 mph

Who threw the fastest pitch in the world?

Pedro martinez

What was rob dibble's fastest pitch?

105 mph

Nolan ryan's fastest pitch?

108.1 mph

What is jennie finches fastest pitch?

71 mph

Fastest pitch by a 12 year old?

The fastest pitch ever thrown by a 12 year old that was recorded was Zach Ours, who threw 78 MPH.

What is the fastest pitch ever thrown by a woman?

I play softball so i should know ! The fastest pitch ever thrown by a woman was 80 something mph.

Who throws the fastest fastball?

The fastest pitch in the major leagues was thrown in 2010. Aroldis Chapman threw a pitch that was measured at 105.1 miles per hour.

What is the fastest softball pitch?

it is 68.9 not 93 miles a hour

What was the fastest underhand pitch ever thrown?

95 mph

What is the fastest pitch roger clemens has thrown?

101 mph