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Fifa 10

it has better graphics and dribbling

real team names, kits, and players

has more to do and the game modes are better

and is more realistic

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โˆ™ 2010-07-15 17:26:43
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Q: What is better pro evolution soccer 2010 or FIFA 10?
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Which game is better pro evolution soccer 2010 or FIFA soccer 2011?

That's really an opinion but i prefer PES 2011 because it has better graphics and more appropriate qualities.

Is there FIFA 2010 for psp?

Yes, there is. But for the PSP i woudn't buy it. I would buy PES: Pro Evolution Soccer 2010. It's a lot better then Fifa 2010. But it hasn't online Multiplayer. Hope this helps

Which is better FIFA 09 or pro evolution soccer?

fifa f**ks on PC platform. go PES!!!!

What is better FIFA soccer 10 or smackdown vs raw 2010?

fifa 10 is better then smackdown vs raw because it is not a fake sport and soccer is a world wide sport

What are the differences between Pro Evolution Soccer and the FIFA?

In my opinion, the Pro Evolution Soccer series is better but unnofficial, while the FIFA series is official. Pro evo has better gameplay and more realistic game play but isn't as good to look at. FIFA has all the liscences and has better graphics but isn't as good at the gameplay, eg. in Fifa the players never make mistakes like slicing the ball or miscontroling it,, In pro evo they do

Who is the better well stronger team in Fifa 2010 soccer Mexico or Serbia?

Serbia they have the power in defence

Which is better FIFA 14 or FIFA World Cup 2014?

Which is better fifa 14 or 2014 World Cup soccer

Which soccer ball do the professionals use?

The Jabulani FIFA 2010 soccer ball

What soccer game is best for ps3 - PES 2010 or FIFA 2010 or FIFA South Africa 2010?

FIFA south africa! It's absolutely amazing :)

Which is better FIFA or pro evolution soccer?

It is really a matter of opinion. Both are highly realistic Football simulators. If you ask me they are pretty much the same.

Why is FIFA better than pes?

pes is more popular than fifa. everyone knows pes, few people know fifa. Also the gameplay, graphics, characters, teams, modes, and everything is better on pro evolution soccer (pes). It's so awesome.

The Brazilian soccer team entering the FIFA World Cup 2010?

Brazil has qualified for the FIFA World Cup 2010.

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