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Smaller wheels are better for doing tricks, but big wheels are better for riding around.

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Q: What is better on a skateboard small wheels or bigger wheels?
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What is better big or small skateboard wheels?

big wheels are for big people . small wheels are for small people

Do wheels effect the speed on a skateboard?

The short answer is YES! Bigger wheels mean that if the bearing are spinning the same speed, the outside of the wheel is spinning faster than a small wheel.

What is the difference of a large skateboard vs a small skateboard?

One is bigger for your feet than the other.

What does skateboard mean?

A skateboard is a narrow board that has two small wheels beneath used by sports in a crouching or standing position.

Why is it better to have smaller wheels on a bike?

It depends on what you mean by "better". Smaller wheels can be made stronger, and can be easier to get up to speed. OTOH, they won't travel as smooth over small bumps as bigger wheels will do.

Is having smaller wheels on a skateboard good?

only when your at a park, never skate super small wheels on the street

What wheels are better for a scooter big wheels or small wheels?

Big wheels of course. They will protect you better from falls over potholes

What was invented first the Skateboard or the Longboard?

The shape of a longboard was invented before but the trucks and wheels were small like those of a skateboard. Early boards didn't have pop.

What are the parts to a fingerboard skateboard?

It's just a small skateboard, all the parts are there.... deck, trucks, wheels, hardware... The only difference is the materials, plastic instead of wood...

What is a Double kick tail skateboard?

Well a skateboard usually has a kick and a catch to them the back side of the skateboard has a bigger lip called the kick and the othe the catch which is small this kick is used to pop your skateboard up more

Which is better big wheels or small wheels?

big wheels because they are good for handling

Do longboard wheels work on a skateboard?

Longboard wheels have a small hub, or core, inside it. Skateboard wheels also have this. This allows you to put bearings inside of both of them and can interchange what trucks you put on it. Generally, longboard wheels fit on normal skateboard trucks but a problem you will encounter is wheelbite. You may need to sand the board for wheel wells or put big risers on your board. Another solution is buying harder bushings for less turn and lean.

Are big wheels better than small wheels on stunt scooters?


How much is my skateboard worth I have a small blue West 49 skateboard Limited Edition with regular black west 49 trucks and skeleton wheels. Has a stormtrooper spray painted on the grip tape?

about 125 dollars

Bigger wheels means lesser acceleration?

Depends on what you are talking about. Small wheels have a higher ratio but with not as much power, and vise versa.

What does a skateboard do?

It is a small board with sandpaper-like tape on the top, and 4 wheels on the bottom. People usually use them to do tricks the involve using your feet to flip the skateboard, and grabbing the skateboard. There are also long skateboards called longboards used for speed and long distances. Hope this helps.

When choosing wheeled luggage, are small or larger wheels better?

Large wheels will be better because they're more sturdy and can hold large loads.

What go faster a big skateboard or a small skateboard?

It's not actually the size of the skateboard that matter's, its the ball bearings the wheels have inside them. Cheap bearings that come with cheap walmart/warehouse boards almost always go slowly, were as proper bearings from your local skate shop will go a lot faster.

Are bigger penises better than small ones?

In theory maybe but small ones can do just as much as big ones. It is not always the bigger the better as one may think.

Why rear wheel are bigger than front wheel in a tractor?

its to do with gearing think about having small wheels on the back they.d never push the big wheels

What is the difference Razor Ripster SkateBoard and RipStik?

the ripster is much smaller, and is for people with a small stance, whereas the ripstik is bigger and has a middle bar.

How do you know what your skateboard wheels size?

it may say it in small writting near the bearing at the middle of the wheel

Why do some bikes have smaller wheels?

As pretty much all bicycle wheels are equally wide at the hub, a smaller wheel is stronger than a bigger wheel. OTOH bigger wheels tend to roll better, particularly at uneven surfaces. Then again, smaller wheels tend to be lighter, and get up to speed faster than a bigger wheel. So basically it's about adapting the bike to the kind of riding you're about to do. If you're gonna trash the bike about, small wheels are a good thing. If you want nippy acceleration, small wheels are a good thing. If you want speed under good riding conditions, big wheels will help with that. Then there are rules. Some competitions will only allow bikes in a certain configuration. Even if you'd might be able to put smaller wheels to good use, you're not allowed to use them.

Do hermit crabs like a small cage?

not really. the bigger the better.

Do smaller wheels with bigger gears go faster than cars with big wheels and small gears?

It's not clear what you mean with big/small gears. But remember that the size of the wheel and the ratio of the gears interact. Basically if you have two cars with the same engine/gear box, stick one in 1st gear with huge wheels and the other in 2nd gear with small wheels there's a good chance they end going equally fast.