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Q: What is better in Soccer all conference or all state?
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Is it better to be chosen for - all conference or all area in girls' high school soccer?

it really depends on your definition of area. if you're talking about county or district, then the all conference would be better. but if it's all state or America, then both would be better than all conference. Basically, just think of coverage of the definition. The more the coverage, the more players involved and the better the ranking/choosing,

How do you get selected to be an all-conference high school soccer player?

It depends on the conference every one is diffrent but it usually is voted on by coaches or a comitee. Now the better your team does overall the better your chances of being selected because you will be seen by more teams which is why the championship team usually has more all conference players.

Who is better Alabama or Ohio State?

USC is clearly better. If you don't believe me look at the all-time record. USC leads the series 13-9-1

In college football if a team has a better overall record but another team has a better conference record are they ahead in the conference?

Yes, the conference record determines the conference standing of a team regardless of their over-all records.

What conference is Arizona state in?

The Cardinals play in the National Football Conference West Division.

How do you get selected to be an all conference high school soccer player?

Don't eat at McDonald's. That's a mistake I made.

Boise state is a member of which conference?

Boise State is currently a member of the Western Athletic Conference in all sports except wrestling, in which they are a member of the Pac-10 Conference. In 2010, they will join the Mountain West Conference. They will remain a member of the Pac-10 in wrestling.

Who is better at soccer Pele or Ashraf?

Ashraf is way better at soccer then Pele, Ashraf played for Arsenal and South Africa he is also rated the best soccer player of all time

What kind of drills does a professional soccer team do?

They do all kinds of drills to help the soccer team get better.

Is hockey or soccer a better sport?

It's all a matter of opinion.

Which sport is better football or soccer why?

It's all a matter of opinion, truly.

How do they choose all conference teams in college sports?

by they state if they and the east or west south or north