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Q: What is better hockey or skateboarding?
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What is better for your health surfing or skateboarding?


What is better volleyball or skateboarding?

I think that skateboarding is better, however it is a matter of opinion. i have to agree

What physical activities should you wear a helmet?

Skateboarding Biking Hockey

What is better stateboarding or rapping?

Skateboarding is better, but not by much.

Is skateboarding better than bicycling?


Is bmx better than skateboarding?


What is Avril Lavigne's favorite hobbies?

Av likes camping, skateboarding, hunting and hockey

What is Avril Lavigne's favorite hobby?

Av likes camping, Skateboarding, hunting and hockey

Did Tony Hawk take skateboarding lessons?

No. There is no such thing as skateboarding lessons. Its something you get better at yourself

Is ripstiking fun?

yes ripstiking is very fun Yes, I like it better than skateboarding but that is because I suck at skateboarding. If I wanted to be amazing at skateboarding or ripstiking I would choose skateboarding because you can do more but ripstiking is very fun once you learn how to do it better.

What is a skater?

someone who participates in any of: * Skateboarding * Ice skating * Ice hockey * Roller skating

What was 1999 sport team?

hockey, football, basketball, racquetballs tennis, soccer, bmx, and skateboarding.

What sport originated in Norway?

hockey soccer martial arts cycling skateboarding football handball

What things does just bieber like?

Justin likes hockey and skateboarding and singing and playing drums!

Is FIFA 11 Wii or Shaun White skateboarding Wii better?

i think shaun white skateboarding wii is better than fifa 11

Why do people want to do skateboarding?

because they have nothing better to do

Which one is better skateboarding biking or scootering?

scootering vs. skateboarding I have to say, Scootering is safer because it has a handle bar and Skateboarding is not. It is also noisy while Pro Scooters (not *%*&@!# razors) are smooth and silent. Skateboarding is not necessarly harder than scootering but scootering is alot better.

Why is skateboarding so cool?

Its better than bmxing and/or fruit booting, those are wack sports, skateboarding is amazing!

What sport is better softball or hockey?


Is hockey better than swimming?

hockey is way better than suimming

In skateboarding are Riser Pads better thick or thin?


Are enjoi decks better for street or vert skateboarding?


Is minecraft better then Shaun White skateboarding?

definetly yes!

Which sport has better athletes hockey or basketball?


Does Justin bieber play archery?

No he does not. He is involved in car racing, skateboarding, riding his segway, and ice skating (hockey).