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medal is

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Q: What is better a wooden lacrosse stick or a metal one?
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Is bleaching a lacrosse stick good?

no if it wooden but if its metal it dosent really matter but i wouldent

Why is the wooden lacrosse stick important to society?

Because it has the most accuracy

What would be a better beater for a triangle a glass stick or a wooden stick?

Glass would be the best, but even better would be metal. But you'll have to pay attention what type of glass that you get.

A type of wooden or metal skewer?

long metal or wooden stick which is used to be put thorough meat while cooking

What is the Lacrosse stick called?

The actual stick of the lacrosse stick is called a shaft.

A pointed wooden stick to be driven into the ground?

A pointed wooden stick to be driven into the ground?its a 5 letter word

Is a brine netfinder lacrosse stick a good lacrosse stick?


Where can you buy a lacrosse Charm?

Here is a lacrosse stick charm-

What are lacrosse shafts?

A stick with a a net on the end which consists of usually a separate metal or wooden stick, connected to the "head" of the crosse. This is from The actual shaft is the part you hold, metal or composite generally. Shafts are made from alloys, titanium, titanium mixes, and copusites like carbon fiber and fiber glass with coatings.

Is it better to hit with your hands together on a lacrosse stick or with your shoulder in lacrosse?

It is better to hit with your hands together on your stick. When ever i hit with my shoulder people go flying, but it is easier to get called. so it is safer to hit with your hands.

What do lacrosse players play with?

a lacrosse stick.

Is a hickory lacrosse stick heavier than most lacrosse sticks?

Yes. This is because wooden sticks tend to be heavier because they are hollow and wood is heavier then aluminum (thats what I prefer).

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