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for speed a racing car

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Q: What is better a production car or racing car?
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What is the difference between the Formula one racing car tires and normal car tires?

the racing car tires is better then the car tires

What was the Production Budget for Racing Stripes?

The Production Budget for Racing Stripes was $30,000,000.

What is U Car and how is it beneficial?

A U-Car is a car that was left unmodified or unchanged after production. It's for racing, and the main benefit of using one, is that is doesn't cost as much.

Is the Indianapolis 500 a formula 1 race?

The Indianapolis 500 the top level of American Championship Car racing, an open-wheel formula better known as "Indy Car Racing."

Which is faster a racing car or a sports car?

racing car

What is an RS car?

In Porsche, an RS car is basically a 911 with an aerodynamic handling kit and super light chassis. An example is the Porsche GT3 RS, a racing version of the Porsche GT3, which is a racing version of the Porsche 911 Carrera. So the RS series is basically the extreme racing version of a regular Porsche production car.

Different types of car racing?

Types of car racing include: * drag racing * formula 1 racing * nascar racing * street racing

Best car racing game?

There are many car racing games but fast car game is fantastic. Get ready to play a racing game: fast Car Traffic Racing Games 2021:Free car games. Challenging endless racing car racing games for those who love to drive games on the highway with traffic and drag car racing.

Why do racing car tyres not last as long as the tyres on normal cars?

Racing car tyres are made of very soft rubber. This gives them much better traction on the roadway, but they wear away very quickly.

Is the mini made for racing?

as a mass production car, no it is not. Like most other cars it has to be upgraded before it could stand a chance.

What gas is used to pump racing car tires?

That depends on the type of race you're talking about; nascar, dragcar, an Indy, off road, etc....... But for the most part, they all have one thing in commen, a high octane. Higher octane means, burns fast, better, and is better for you car. (the only racing car they might not use high octane fuel with might be off road racing, but I'm not sure)

Who do you need a racing seat?

In racing, racing seats limit your head, torso, and legs movements in the cockpit, so if you crash your body wont be flung from left to right. racing seats are also constructed to allow racing harnesses to be fit in, providing even better restaint than a regular seat belt. An advantage is that racing seats fit real snug to the body, giving you better control of the car.

What sports is played sitting down?

Car racing (nascar) and horse racing.Chees... Poker... Polo... Car Racing... Boat Racing ... any type of jocked Racing...

Can you sell your car in CSR racing?

No you may not sell your car in CSR Racing.

What sports are played on a circuit?

most types of racing events. like track, car racing, cycling, etc.

Are ridged car tires better than smooth car tires?

If you want traction you need the tread. Smooth tires are only used for racing.

Is the term 'Racing is the sport of kings' true?

car racing is but not horse racing

What is offered on the Long Acre Racing website?

The Long Acre Racing website offers products that are used in a car racing. Those items including car maintaining, car monitoring, car measurements, etc.

Who invented the first drag racing car?

Wally Parks invented the Drag racing car

Who won car racing bathurst 2008?

the ford, Nissan had won the car racing on 2008

When did Family Slot Car Racing happen?

Family Slot Car Racing happened in 2009.

Who invited first racing car?

The person who invented the first racing car was Henry Ford.

When was Roary the Racing Car created?

Roary the Racing Car was created on 2007-05-07.

What is formula racing car?

A formula racing car is a car that has been modified to follow set rules such as car structure, fuel used etc.

What is the difference between motogp and superbike racing?

Superbike racing motorcycles must have of between 850 and 1200 cc for, and between 750 cc and 1000 cc for machines. The restriction to production models distinguishes Superbike racing from racing, which uses prototype machines that bear little resemblance to production machines. This is somewhat similar to the distinction in car racing between and cars, though the performance gap between Superbike and MotoGP racing is much smaller.