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What is the best bat

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Q: What is best cricket bat under 2000 rs?
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Is a Krakatoa cricket bat better than a buffalo cricket bat?

a Krakatoa cricket bat is the best childrens cricket bat of all time

Which company makes best cricket bat?

THE BEST make CRICKET BAT is salix and G&M

What is the best substitute for a cricket bat?

i think a baseball bat...

Is slazenger the worlds best cricket bat?

No but they are incredible cricket bats.the best cricket bat in the world is the AS gold.the AS gold has a 6cm edge and only weighs 2lb 3oz.

What is the best cricket bat make?

its salix

Where is the cheep and best cricket bat?

the best cheap cricket bat is a solitaire ranging from £100 to £120, also a salix is quite good and cheap.

How heavy is the b52 bomber cricket bat?

The best bat brand in the world.

Worlds best cricket bat?

the salix deamon

What are balls that pitch immediately under a bat in cricket called?


What is the term for a Cricket ball pitched directly under bat?

A yorker.

What is the best kashmir willow cricket bat?

It is impossible to say what is the best kashmir willow cricket bat, as it depends on what type of batsman you are. If you are a stroke playing batsmen you will probably like a different bat too a defencive batsmen.

What cricket bat size is hs?

Junior's bat are of Size H. Means under aged players can use this size of Bat