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5 fouls out the game

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Q: What is basketball fouling rule?
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When a player fouls out in basketball can they still play?

no. that is why they call it fouling OUT

Are you allowed to steal the ball from the opponent in basketball?

Yes, without fouling

When dealing with basketball what does hacking mean?

it means that the defence is fouling a lot

How many fouls before a basketball player leaves the court?

5 fouls is when a basketball player will be kicked out of a basketball game due to fouling out.

How many fouls before the player leaves the court?

5 fouls is when a Basketball player will be kicked out of a basketball game due to fouling out.

How many fouls does each player get before fouling out in a women's NCAA basketball game?


How many fouls can a player make in big east basketball before fouling out?

4. On your 5th foul in college basketball you have fouled out of the game.

What changes have there been to the original basketball rules?

now there is more fouling and penalty calls. you are now allowed to dribble

How many fouls does each player get before fouling out in men's NCAA basketball game?

A player is disqualified in NCAA basketball when being charged with their 5th personal foul.

What is one rule of basketball?

1 rule is you can not run with the ball

What is the 90 second rule?

There is no 90 second rule in basketball.

Why is there an out of bounds for basketball?

because that is the rule...

What are some verbs about basketball?

Dunking, flying high, defending, hustling, stealing(the ball), shooting, dribbling, passing, Fouling, etc,.

Which sport has a three in the key rule?


Why must you dribble in basketball?

Because that is the rule.

What does a basketball do in a basketball game?

The basketball is the most valuable object in the game. You will need to work its way down the court by dribbling or passing without double dribbling, travelling, going out of bounds, and fouling. Your goal is to place the ball in the the net and yell BUCKETS!!!!!

Is basketball an individual sport?

The main rule in basketball is teamwork. It is in no way an individual sport.

What rule no longer applies in basketball?

Dunking is not allowed.

Does youth basketball have a defensive 3 second rule?


Rules of basketball that aren't in basketball now?

There are many like the shotclock violation, 8second rule

What is the rule of traveling in basketball?

if you travel in basketball, than it automaticly becomes the other teams ball.

What are the advancements in basketball?

There have been numerous advancements in the game of basketball, including:Introduction of the three point shot3 second violation in the key (paint)No intentional fouling within the last two minutes of the gameIncreasing the use of video replay

What type fouling occurs immediately following an overdue tune-up?

Splash fouling.

One rule of basketball?

One rule of basketball is that you have to dribble the ball and never travel your feet because then you let the other team get a chance to take the ball.

What year did the jump ball rule change in basketball?