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A free kick at the point of offside, everytime

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Q: What is awarded for an off side in football?
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Is it a touchdown if a player thouchs the out of bounds side of the pylon?

No a touchdown is when a player has complete control of football and they succeed to get the football into the endzone, which is on each side on each side of the field (But you have to run the football into the endzone opposite to you) and then you are awarded 7 points, plus the option of a 2 point field goal kick or 1 point run in. Hope this helps!

Who is the one who throws the ball at the start of each football game?

The ball isn't thrown at the start of a football game. The game begins with a kick off. After the kick off the only time a ball can be thrown by an out field player is if it goes off at the sideline and a team is awarded a throw-in.

How many players can be sent off in a 5 a side football match?


Which sports has an off-side rule?

football/soccer and rugby are the only ones i can think of

When is a throw in awarded?

a throw in, in soccer is awarded when the ball is out of bounds but only on the side lines

How many points are awarded for a safety in American football?


Who is the Golden Shoe awarded to in football?

The Top Goal Scorer :)

Who is the Golden Shoe awarded to football?

the top goal Scorer

How many points are awarded for a touchdown in flag football?


How many players are a side in football?

Association football, soccer, there are 11 players a side. Rugby football; rugby union has 15 a side, rugby league has 13. Australian football, Aussie Rules, has 18 a side. Gaelic football has 15 a side. American football has 11 a side. Canadian football has 12 a side. Winchester football has either 6, 10, or 15 a side.

What does strong side mean in football?

It means the line is uneven.there are either more people on the left or right off the center.ex:strong side right

For what sport is the Heisman Trophy awarded?

Men's Division I College Football.

In which sport is the brownlow medal awarded?

The AFL (Australian Football League)

The oak foy sportsmanship trophy is awarded to the winner of which game?


Which country was permanantly awarded the football world cup in 1970?


How many points per goal in football?

There would be many answers to this question as there are many football codes. American football, Gaelic, Aussie rules, Rugby League, Rugby Union etc. However if you mean the most popular form of football in the world, Association Football (Soccer) there are no points awarded for goals. Points are awarded for winning (3) or drawing (1).

What is the will side in football?

the weak side

What is awarded by the BBC tv for rugby league try of the season?

rugby football

What cup is awarded to the all Ireland u21 football champions?

The Clarke Cup.

When did the College football heisman start?

The Heisman Trophy was first awarded in 1935.

How is the Heisman Trophy awarded?

The Heisman Memorial trophy is awarded to the best college football player annually and is voted on previous winner's of the reward. The trophy is awarded in New York City at the Radio City Music Hall.

Which sport is associated with the Subroto cup?

Football. The Subroto Cup is awarded to the winner of the Subroto Cup Football Tournament, an interscholastic tournament in India.

How many points for passed extra point in football?

One extra point is awarded.

What is the significance of being awarded the world cup?

Then the world knows the best country in football.

What trophy is awarded to the year's most outstanding college football player?

heisman trophy