What is arsenal keeper wojciech szczesny's nationality?

Updated: 8/19/2019
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Q: What is arsenal keeper wojciech szczesny's nationality?
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What player wears 53 for arsenal the football team?

Their polish third keeper, Wojciech Szczesny.

Who is the current goalkeeper of Arsenal?

Manuel Almunia Is Arsenals' First choice goalkeeper at the moment. ARSENAL ROCK !!!!!!!!!!! Manuel Almunia is the current keeper for Arsenal but he is not the best keeper, I would like Arsenal to sign another keeper as Manuel Almunia is not very good. I also think that..... ARSENAL ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Snake006

When did Almunia join Arsenal FC as goalkeeper?

Because they wanted a goal keeper but he has know proven he is not worth a place at arsenal anymore - in my opinion!

Which football team is best arsenal or Celtic?

arsenal is the best out of all of the teams,but not Barcelona because they can beat any team,and real Madrid they got a good goal keeper,but arsenal can beat them Barcelona and real Madrid,it is the same to arsenal.

What is the nationality of the surname kornahrens?

Kornahrens is of German descent and means keeper of the record of the corn harvest

What is the best thing about Arsenal FC?

there style of football, worst we dont spend on positions such as cb, keeper and striker

Which team won this season's Carling Cup?

2011- Birmingham City. They (annoyingly) beat Arsenal in the final 2-1. Birmingham scored in the last few minutes after a mess up from the Arsenal keeper and defender.

Why is arsenal so boo?

Because they are. They also need experience in the team and also a new keeper, and also a new manager to some people (me for one).

What is the full contraction of keeper?

This can be time keeper or zoo keeper

What is the birth name of Tina Keeper?

Tina Keeper's birth name is Christina Keeper.

Is keeper a verb?

No, keeper is not a verb, it is a noun.

What does a keeper of a park called?

a park keeper