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It's called a target

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Q: What is archery tareget called?
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Related questions

What is a called where you do archery?

An archery range perhaps

What are people doing archery called?

a person doing archery is called an archer.

Why is archery called archery?

Archery comes from Latin arcus. ☻

What is an archery enthusiast or archer called?

toxophilite: a lover of archery; one devoted to archery.

What is a group of archers called?

A group of archers is known as an archery.

Where can you buy archery bows?

You can buy archery bows at a place called bears.

What is the term missing the bull's eye in Archery?

The centre of the archery target is called the Gold.

What is the alternate name for archery?

An alternate name for the Archery is Bowmanship, also, the love for Archery is called Toxophily.

What is all the archery targets called?


What is a person who plays archery called?

An Archer. Just for the record, you do not "Play" at archery, it is a serious, highly skilled sport!

What are the rings in an archery target called?

A Target

What are those who play archery called?


What is the bag for archery called?

The 'bag' arrows are carried in is called a quiver.

What is a target called in archery?

It is usually called a target but the center of it is called a bulls eye.

A name for someone who does archery?

They would be called an archer.

What is the arrangement of rings in an archery target called?

a Bullseye

What the Japanese archery called?

It is called 'yabusame,' written in Japanese as: 流鏑馬

What is the Name of center of archery target?

the centre of an archery target is called the gold . this is because it is gold in colour,all rings have a different colour.

In archery the plastic tip on the end of the arrow is called what?

The plastic bit that fits on the string is called the nock

Vision statement of tata motors?

vision is the company's long term goal in the tata motors ltd this help of achive the tareget esily

How many player is needed for archery?

Do you even understand what archery is?Archery is not a team sport.

What is the proper name for playing with the bow?

It would be called archery.

Which Olympics sport uses bows and arrows?

It is called "ARCHERY" :)

What are the types of archery?

Target Archery, Field Archery (UK - Bow Hunting in the USA), Flight Archery, Clout Archery and Popinjay. Refer GNAS Rules of shooting for full explanation.

What is sky archery?

sky archery was a brand of archery like a sky conquest