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Diving. That's when You Slide on You're Stomache.(Head first.)

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Q: What is another name for sliding in softball?
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Another name for the softball diamond?

a simple other name for a softball diamond is a feild

What is another name for the softball diamond?

A field

Name four different pieces of equipment used in softball?

softball bat cleats mouth guard helmet visor batting gloves sliding shorts ( so you don't get hurt ) sunflower seeds!!! =-)

What is it called when you burn yourself while sliding in softball?

Friction burn

Should you wear softball pants with sliding gear?

It depends if you are sliding a lot but you should because it gives more protection.

Where can you find funky sliding shorts?

finish line, softball is us, hibbot sports

How do you wear sliding shorts?

You wear sliding shorts under athletic appearal for sports such as baseball or softball mostly without underwear but it's optional

What is another name for home plate in softball?

you call it 4 occasionally, such as "play is at 4".

What is the name given to a region where one plate of the earths crust is sliding under another?

A subduction zone is the name given to a region where one plate of the earth's crust is sliding under another plate. This is a term found in plate tectonics.

What do you think about softball?

Softball personally is one of my favorite sports! It is very fun to play! Seriously there is nothing like that rush when you are running home from third base! Especially if you have to do a little sliding!

Softball outfit?

what i wear in travel softball is cleats, long socks, shin guards, sliding shorts, shorts, and a jersey. A hement and batting gloves while im hitting and a glove while fielding.

Why did they name softball softball?

They named it softball because the game of softball was derived from Baseball. The baseball had a hard core whereas the softball has a soft core, so they named it softball. Although the ball is not softball the core of the ball is soft.