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There are several names. The most well used are test matches, full matches that last up to 5 days between the major cricket playing nations and one day internationals, shorter and faster paced games. The one day matches tend to be played before or after a series of test matches between two countries.

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Q: What is another name for a cricket international?
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As far as I can determine, another name for championship cricket matches is "Tests."

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the name of the icc was changed from the imperial cricket conference to the international cricket conference.

When was the International Cricket Council formed?

The International Cricket Council was founded in 1909 as the Imperial Cricket Conference. It was renamed the International Cricket Conference in 1965.

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International Council of Cricket

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International Cricket was created in 1992.

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International Cricket happened in 1992.

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no china does not play international cricket

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International Cricket Council.

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International Cricket CouncilThe International Cricket Council is the international governing body of the sport of Cricket, responsible for most if not all professional and international matters in the sport.Inetrnational Cricket the international governing body of cricket. It was founded as the Imperial Cricket Conference in 1909 by representatives from England, Australia and South Africa.

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