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Underhand serve

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Q: What is an underhand open palm hit called in volleyball?
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Are you allowed to hit a spike with your fist in volleyball?

Technically there are no rules against this, but the correct way of spiking a volleyball is with an open palm

Can you hit a volleyball with your palm?

Yes. Hitting a volleyball with the palm of your hand is called spiking, hitting, or attacking the ball. It is when you do an approach, jump up, and hit the volleyball over the net to the other side of the court.

What is the definition of underhand serve?

In an underhand serve, you ball you fist and hit the ball with the palm of you hand while in the fist. You hit it like you are throwing a ball underhand. Good luck!

What are the different ways you're allowed to serve in volleyball?

Two ways to serve are underhand and overhand. To serve underhand, hold the ball in one hand and hit it upward with the other fist or forearm, so the ball flies in a parabola into your opponents' side of the field. To serve overhand, toss the ball above your head and then smack it with your wrist, palm, or fingers to send the ball over the net in a parabola flatter than the underhand serve.

What is it called when a player does not contact the ball cleanly in volleyball?

If they touch it twice, it is a double; if they touch it with the palm of their hand and lift it up, it is a lift

In volleyball what kind of hit does your palm not touch the ball?

A bump.

In volleyball when does the palm not touch the ball?

The volleyball does not touch your palms when doing a bump, set, pancake, sprawl, or a tomahawk.

What is the sea off Palm Beach Queensland called?

The open water off Palm Beach, Queensland, is in fact not a sea. It is the Pacific Ocean.

What does a spiker do in volleyball?

A "spiker", generally a middle or and outside hitter, receives the set and hits it, palm open, to the other side of the net. Occasionally the "spiker" will be a back row hitter, who can't cross the ten-foot line when hitting. Btw, they aren't called spikers, they're called by their position.

What part f the body is used to hit the volleyball?

fist, hands, or palm

When you play volleyball the palm does not touch the ball during a?

During a bump or set

How do you smash in volleyball?

hit the volleyball downwards into the other side of the court. do this with the bottom of your palm. if you do it with the flat of your hand it is more than likely to hurt. ;)

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